Dr. Daniel Sanchez


Daniel Sanchez has served as founding director of the Scarborough Institute since 1993. His vast experience includes missionary work in Panama , Directorships at the Home Mission Board and the Baptist Convention of New York and Missions Professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Sanchez' love for church growth in a contextual environment has been a motivating factor behind the Institutes continued growth. Dr. Sanchez can be reached at 817.923.1921 x6750 or by e-mail at

Dr. Steve Lee

Professor of Baptist Church Planting

Steve Lee has been a national missionary with Nehemiah Church Planting since 2005.  He has been the Nehemiah professor at the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary as well as serving as a church planting pastor for many years.  His involvement in all aspects of church planting provides students an able advisor as they become involved with the Nehemiah program.  Dr. Lee can be reached at 817.923.1921 x6430 or by email at

Janet Petersen

Associate Director

Janet Petersen has served in the Scarborough Institute since 2007 as a research and conference coordinator. She helps to administrate the Mission Atlas Project, a partnership project which includes Southwestern, Southeastern, Campus Crusade for Christ, The Jesus Film Project, Disciple A Whole Nation, the International Mission Board of the SBC, the North American Mission Board of the SBC, and others. These ministries have created an electronic Atlas of the World that depicts the status of Global Evangelization and Missions activity in order to assist mission minded persons and ministries to strategically join in the Great Commission call to reach the world for Christ. Southwestern's role in this project developed Missiological country profiles that inform missionaries and mission minded Christians about people groups they may be called to serve. She can be reached at 817.923.1921 x6677 or by e-mail at


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