Travis Dickinson

Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Christian Apologetics

Since I grew up in New Jersey, I decided to attend Alaska Bible College (BA in Education, 1999). Alaska was really cold, so I thawed a little in teaching High School classes in Bible and mathematics from 1999-2004 in Denver, CO. There is no ocean in Colorado, so I began my graduate work at Biola University (MA in Apologetics, 2003) in southern California with the intent to pursue graduate work in World Religions. Upon finding myself gripped more by the philosophical questions underlying the religious ones, I returned to Biola (this time Biola’s seminary, Talbot School of Theology) for their philosophy program (MA in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics, 2006). I had not completely solved any philosophical problems so I pursued answers at the University of Iowa (MA and PhD in Philosophy, 2011). I am currently working on these questions at the College at Southwestern.

Here at the college, I teach the humanities seminars, exploring the great books, and courses in philosophy and apologetics. I love to challenge students to think hard and do so with care. My research interests center on epistemology and philosophy of religion (and all related areas).

I once had some hobbies but now these only include activities with my four children.

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