Special Projects

We are currently in the process of digitizing our cassette tapes, beginning with the concerts of Southwestern Singers, the touring, mixed ensemble of Southwestern Seminary. We are transferring them from cassette to CD, and will have them in the library for general patron use.

The digitization of seven tunebooks was finished in December of 2003. The tunebooks scanned were:

The Harmonist: being a collection of tunes from the most approved authors ; adapted to every variety of metre in the Methodist hymn-book. And for particular occasions, a selection of anthems, pieces, and sentences.
New York : published by T. Mason & G. Lane, for the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1837.

Sacred songs for family and social worship: comprising the most approved spiritual hymns and chaste and popular tunes.
[New York] : American Tract Society, [1842].

Evangelical musik: or, the Sacred minstrel and Sacred harp united: consisting of a great variety of psalm and hymn tunes, set pieces, anthems / by J. H. Hickok and Geo. Fleming.
Philadelphia : J. Whetham, 1837, 1834.

The minstrel of Zion: a book of religious songs accompanied with appropriate music, chiefly original / by William Hunter and Samuel Wakefield.
Philadelphia : John Ball ; Higgins & Perkinpine, 1854, 1845.

Sacred harmony: a collection of music adapted to the greatest variety of metres now in use : and for special occasions, a choice selection of sentences, anthems, motets and chants / harmonized by Samuel Jackson ; with an improved system of elementary instruction.
New York : G. Lane & C. B. Tippett, 1848.

The Methodist harmonist: containing a collection of tunes from the best authors, embracing every variety of metre, and adapted to the worship of the Methodist Episcopal Church. To which is added a selection of anthems, pieces, and sentences for particular occasions.
New York : B. Waugh and T. Mason for the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1833.

Norristown new and much improved musical teacher, or repository of sacred harmony, psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, containing a number of new tunes never before published. Together with a large selection from the most eminent and admired
Norristown, Pa. : printed by D. Sower, Jr., 1832.

This involved taking the very delicate pages of the tunebooks and scanning them into a digital format, so they could be accessed via the Internet and printed for personal use. This project was funded by the American Theological Library Association and is available at http://www.atla.com/digitalresources. To access this collection choose "Search the Database." If you type "tunebook" in the Keyword Anywhere field, all the images from this project will be available.

In December of 2004, a second digitization project was completed. Funded again by the American Theological Library Association, the project focused on Sunday morning services at five Southern Baptist churches in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as well as the Isaiah 6 worship service held at the Seminary. The goal of this project is to provide a multimedia resource for the worship class required of every Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary student. It will also be used for music students enrolled in worship classes and seminars. Worship professors and students could easily access, view, and download the images for lectures and assignments. The resource, which illustrates various approaches to corporate worship, could also be utilized by liturgical scholars, pastors, worship leaders, and laypersons worldwide for observing and studying various worship styles. In addition, it will document the ongoing worship trends for research and future archival purposes.

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