Music Ministry

The student preparing for ministry in the local church or on the mission field will normally choose one of the concentrations in the music ministry department: music education, music ministry, music missions and worship.

M.M. with Music Education Concentration

  • music education coursework and directed teaching
  • private voice and voice pedagogy
  • internship and research project
  • choice of thesis track or additional coursework

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M.M. with Music Ministry Concentration

  • music in worship, practice of church music and church music education
  • private voice, anthem literature and historical elective
  • supervised ministry
  • choice of thesis track or additional coursework

Theses completed at Southwestern include:

"Classical Hebrew Poetic Meter and Steve Reich's Tehillim"
"A Study of Current Trends in Worship and Music in Selected Korean Immigrant Churches in the United States"

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M.M. with Music Missions Concentration

  • ethnomusicology, anthropology of music and analysis of non-western music
  • introduction to missiology
  • choice of thesis track or music missions practicum

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M.M. with Worship Concentration

  • music in worship and worship design
  • worship electives
  • music in the liturgies
  • supervised ministry

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Ph.D. with Music Ministry Concentration

  • seminars in philosophy of church music, hymnology, music in worship and church music history
  • seminars in music history and music ministry
  • dissertation
Dissertations completed at Southwestern include:

"Musical Praise and Thanksgiving in the Old Testament: Word Studies on Hebrew Terms in the Old Testament Related to Praise and Thanksgiving in the Context of Music"
"The Influence of Frances W. Winters on the Development and Philosophy of the Graded Choir Movement in the Southern Baptist Convention"
"Music and Mission among the Jesuits in Argentina, 1585-1767"
"A Study of Christian Music in the People's Republic of China, 1949-1983"

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