Youth pastors join Floyd, others in call to prayer

Youth pastors join Floyd, others in call to prayer

In dire circumstances, when it seems all hope has expired, people often “resort” to prayer as a “last ditch effort.” This year in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), however, pastors have called one another to pray as the first and most important part of a nation-wide yearning for revival.

In combination with a senior pastor prayer meeting in Southlake, Texas, Sept. 30 – Oct. 1, organized by Cross Church pastor Ronnie Floyd, Southwestern Seminary student ministry professors Richard Ross and Johnny Derouen and Cross Church youth pastor Keith Harmon have begun organizing a simultaneous prayer event for youth pastors on Southwestern’s Fort Worth campus.

"I believe the church in America needs a mighty move of God, and I believe it starts with prayer,” Harmon said.

“We just sensed the need to pray simultaneously along side our senior pastors. We want to support our pastors in this 24-hour prayer event. We are encouraging student pastors all over America and the world who cannot join us in Texas to pray simultaneously with us wherever they are."

Floyd and the group of senior pastors, who have banded together to hold the senior pastor’s prayer meeting in Southlake, did so with the same conviction about dedicated and persistent prayer and the role it will surely play in the revival for which they are and will continue to be praying.

“When we saw Pastor Ronnie Floyd’s invitation for senior pastors to gather to pray toward revival, it immediately caught our attention,” Ross said. “Concerted prayer among pastors has preceded most great revivals. But a second thought soon came to mind. If young people may again be at the tip of the spear of revival, then shouldn’t those who directly lead them gather to pray in that direction?”

 “This is not a ‘come and go’ event or a place to ‘come and be seen;’ nor is it a denominational or political meeting,” Floyd wrote in his Aug. 14 ‘Call to Pray,’ which can be read in full at “It is a serious spiritual experience of prayer with pastors nationally.”

Both prayer meetings come in the same year for which SBC executive committee president Frank Page called the convention to pray with renewed fervor for revival and spiritual awakening throughout America and in which SBC President Fred Luter made prayer and revival the theme of the 2013 SBC annual meeting.

The prayer meetings will be held from 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 30 to noon on Oct. 1 in Southlake and in Fort Worth. The youth pastor prayer meeting will be held in Price Hall, and organizers ask that those planning to attend register by emailing or For more information on the youth pastor gathering, go to Pastors wanting to register for the senior pastor prayer gathering can do so at Southwestern will offer free transportation, by reservation only, from Southlake to the seminary in Fort Worth, for those youth pastors who travel to Southlake with their senior pastor.

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