Church-Minister Relations office lives up to its name

FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – Finding ministers for churches and churches for ministers can often prove to be a delicate puzzle. Southwestern Seminary, however, takes some of the guesswork out of the game by offering the services of the Church-Minister Relations office to both churches in need of leadership and leaders looking for a place to serve.
Through Church-Minister Relations, churches can send requests for student and alumni resumes, while students and alumni can submit their resumes to the same office. Coordinator for Church-Minister Relations Jason Kees then matches churches and people who meet each other’s criteria to help facilitate the process.
“The way the program works is that it is just an online resume service,” Kees said. “So we don't necessarily allow the churches to contact the students, but students are able to apply directly to the churches through the website. I am kind of like the middle man who facilitates between both parties.”
Kees said Church-Minister Relations, which also manages the non-Southern Baptist job board that posts openings for positions within the community, serves as an important conduit for both churches and ministers to follow the Lord’s leading for their congregations and ministries, respectively.
“It allows students to put into practice what they are learning and have learned,” Kees said. “The Church-Minister Relations office seeks to build that bridge from theology in school and practicality and apply it to the church. [Then], no longer are we in our ivory tower debating among one another, [but] we're putting what we know into practice. That’s the main reason why this office exists—not only to get pastors and ministers jobs but to further the kingdom.”
Kees added that the cooperation between the seminary and churches allows church members to see how their tithe dollars have a direct impact in sharing the Gospel and making disciples through the work of the seminaries and the Cooperative Program.
“The local churches are able to see what their tithes are reaping,” Kees said. “They're able to see the benefits of that, and it’s able to strengthen the church because you're getting Gospel-centered training—not some wishy-washy theology, but actual, biblical, sound, orthodox, correct theology.”
For more information, visit or contact Church-Minister Relations at or 817-923-1921, ext. 6330.


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