High attendance makes Chili Cook-off a success

FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – At the third annual Southwestern Chili Cook-off, Nov. 8, people were rewarded for showing up on time. The event began at 6:30, and within 20 minutes, booths, having run out of chili, began to shut down. Within 40 minutes, after servers had scraped the last bits from the bottoms of their crock pots, not a single booth remained open.

Thirty-six contestants participated in the event, sponsored by Southwestern’s Student Life department, and dozens of students, faculty and staff attended. Fortunately, after they had exhausted the chili supply, attendees could still indulge in free hot dogs, bounce houses and hay rides.

“Our first goal is to establish a rich tradition for our events, hoping that they will be hyped up by the students,” said student life event coordinator Justin Benson, a Master of Divinity student. “This is the third year we have done the Chili Cook-Off, and the tradition of the event helped get people here.”

This was clearly the case, as the high demand for chili led to an ever-decreasing supply until there was nothing left. Far from being a bad thing, this indicates the event’s success—attendance was high and chili was consumed. What more could one want from a chili cook-off (other than a second helping)?

Of the 36 competing recipes, M.Div. student Garrison Griffith’s recipe was named best overall, earning Griffith an iPad. Second place, along with an Amazon Kindle, went to Kelly Collins, and third place, along with a Movie Tavern gift card, went to Andrew Magnus. Additionally, Sidney Vines secured a gift package for Best-Decorated Table.

“Success for us in this event is to have participants in the contest and people to come enjoy the event,” said Benson. “Our hope is that students will attend and enjoy the event and want to attend it again next year. So that way, when they hear about the Chili Cook-Off, they will remember enjoying the event, plan to be there again and invite all of their friends to come next time.”

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