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Fall 2015 Graduate Courses | Fort Worth

Church Music

SYNM Course No. Title Instructor Days Times
7935 MUMST-4980-A MACM Comprehensive Exams  Allen Lott  
7936 MUMST-4990-A MM Comprehensive Exams  Allen Lott  


8798 COMPN-4112-A Choral Arranging  R. Christopher Teichler TH 05:40PM-07:20PM
8694 COMPN-4500-A Composition Master Class  R. Christopher Teichler M 01:00PM-01:50PM
7566 COMPN-4522-A MM Composition II  Garry J. Hardin, II  
7567 COMPN-4532-A MM Composition III  R. Christopher Teichler  
8729 COMPN-4970-A MM Research and Writing  R. Christopher Teichler  


8001 CONDG-4600-A Conducting Master Class  Kurt Sprenger M 12:00PM-12:50PM
9311 CONDG-4602-A Adv Conducting & Choral Proc  Kurt Sprenger  
7572 CONDG-4632-A Applied Conducting I: Instr  Kurt Sprenger  
7573 CONDG-4641-A Elective Applied Condg: Choral  Kurt Sprenger  
7574 CONDG-4642-A Applied Conducting Ii: Choral  Kurt Sprenger  
9434 CONDG-4642-B Applied Conducting II: Choral  David Thye  
7575 CONDG-4652-A Applied Conducting III and Rec  David Thye  
8895 CONDG-4680-A M.M. Research and Writing  David Thye  
8007 CONDG-4712-A Choral Literature I  David Thye TTH 11:30AM-12:20PM

Ensemble Activities

8362 ENSEM-3010-A SW Master Chorale  David Thye M 07:00PM-09:30PM
8358 ENSEM-3018-A SW Master Chorale  David Thye M 07:00PM-09:30PM
7837 ENSEM-3070-A Guitar Ensemble  Thomas Burchill M 09:00AM-10:40AM
7830 ENSEM-3078-A Guitar Ensemble  Thomas Burchill M 09:00AM-10:40AM
7877 ENSEM-3080-A Combo Lab I  Quamon Fowler TH 06:00PM-07:30PM
7873 ENSEM-3088-A Combo Lab I  Quamon Fowler TH 06:00PM-07:30PM
7887 ENSEM-3090-A Combo Lab II  Thomas Burchill M 05:30PM-07:30PM
7884 ENSEM-3098-A Combo Lab II  Thomas Burchill M 05:30PM-07:30PM
8758 ENSEM-3608-A Piano Ensemble  Hana Park  
8759 ENSEM-3608-B Chamber Orchestra  R. Christopher Teichler WF 03:30PM-04:45PM
9530 ENSEM-3608-C Piano Ensemble  Hana Park  
7841 ENSEM-3620-A Orchestra  Kurt Sprenger S 10:00AM-11:30AM
7838 ENSEM-3628-A Orchestra  Kurt Sprenger S 10:00AM-11:30AM
7851 ENSEM-3650-A Southwestern Singers  Bennie Caston T
7848 ENSEM-3658-A Southwestern Singers  Bennie Caston T
7862 MUSIC-3200-N Chapel Orchestra  David Thye M
7861 MUSIC-3201-N Chapel Orchestra  David Thye M
7868 MUSIC-3300-N Chapel Choir  Leonard Day M 03:00PM-05:00PM
7867 MUSIC-3301-N Chapel Choir  Leonard Day M 03:00PM-05:00PM
7869 MUSIC-3308-N Chapel Choir  Leonard Day M 03:00PM-05:00PM

Jazz Studies

8009 JAZCM-4212-A Jazz History  Terence Hobdy M 10:00AM-11:40AM
7594 JAZPR-4032-A Mm Jazz Studies III Piano  Leonard Day  
7595 JAZPR-4042-A MM Jazz Studies IV & Recital  Quamon Fowler  
8892 JAZPR-4252-A Jazz Composition  Garry J. Hardin, II  
8893 JAZPR-4900-A Jazz Master Class  Quamon Fowler M 11:30AM-12:20PM
7596 JAZPR-4951-A Studio Instrument - Jazz Piano  Leonard Day  
7597 JAZPR-4961-A Studio Instrument Jazz Piano  Leonard Day  
7598 JAZPR-5011-A Elective Jazz Piano  Leonard Day  
7599 JAZPR-5012-A Elective Jazz Piano  Leonard Day  

Music History

7960 MUHST-3111-A Music History Review I  Jason Runnels TH 06:00PM-07:15PM
7961 MUHST-3133-A Reading Music-Related German I  Jerry Aultman WF 08:30AM-09:45AM
7962 MUHST-4122-A Music from Antiq thr Reformat  Allen Lott WF 08:30AM-09:20AM
8010 MUHST-4212-A Jazz History  Terence Hobdy M 10:00AM-11:40AM
7963 MUHST-4242-A Sem: Hist of Amer Church Mus  Allen Lott TTH 08:30AM-09:20AM

Music Ministry

7941 MUMIN-3351-A Supervised Ministry I  Tom Song M 09:00AM-09:50AM
7942 MUMIN-3362-A Worship  Scott Aniol TTH 11:30AM-12:20PM
7964 MUMIN-4242-A History of American Church Mus  Allen Lott TTH 08:30AM-09:20AM
7945 MUMIN-4340-A Children's Choir Lab  Tom Song M 04:00PM-05:15PM
7946 MUMIN-4342-A Church Music Education I  David Toledo TTH 02:30PM-03:20PM
8727 MUMIN-4411-A Dir Teach in Child Music Ed  Tom Song  
8689 MUMIN-4441-A Internship & Resrch Project I  David Toledo  
8667 MUMIN-4511-A Prac: Contemp Worship Leadersh  David Toledo W 11:30AM-12:20PM
8693 MUMIN-4561-A Prac: Leading Small Vocal Ense  Tom Song M 10:00AM-10:50AM
7948 MUMIN-4572-A Dynamics of Corporate Worship  Scott Aniol M 02:00PM-03:50PM
7949 MUMIN-4602-A The Psalms  David Toledo WF 01:00PM-01:50PM
9424 MUMIN-4700-A Colloquium  Scott Aniol W 11:30AM-12:20PM
7932 SPFMU-3101-A Spiritual Formation I-Music  Tom Song W

Music Theory

8183 MUTHY-4412-A Graduate Theory Seminar  R. Christopher Teichler TTH 11:30AM-12:20PM
9457 MUTHY-4492-A Advanced Post-Tonal Analysis  Nathan Burggraff T 02:00PM-04:30PM
9448 MUTHY-4970-A MM Research in Writing  R. Christopher Teichler  

New Student Orientation

7260 ORIEN-4000-A Music School Orientation  Allen Lott  

Orchestral Instruments

7582 ORINS-4012-A Mm Instrument I - Violin  Kurt Sprenger  
7585 ORINS-4092-A Mm Inst IV & Recital - Violin  Kurt Sprenger  
8790 ORINS-4092-B Mm Inst IV & Recital Flute  Leonard Day  
8789 ORINS-4900-A Instrument Master Clas  Kurt Sprenger M 01:00PM-01:50PM
8692 ORINS-4900-B Guitar Master Class  Thomas Burchill M 11:00AM-11:50AM
8787 ORINS-4901-A Instrument Pedagogy - Flute  Leonard Day  
8788 ORINS-4911-A Instrument Literature - Flute  Leonard Day  
7587 ORINS-4961-A Instrument - Violin  Kurt Sprenger  
7588 ORINS-5011-A Elective Instrument - Guitar  Leonard Day  
9419 ORINS-5011-B Elective Instrument - Violin  Kurt Sprenger  
9420 ORINS-5011-C Elective Instrument - Cello  Leonard Day  
9543 ORINS-5011-E Elective Instrument - Drums  Terence Hobdy  


8011 ORGCL-4711-A Seminar in Organ Literature I  Yoon-Mi Lim  
8014 ORGPR-4700-A Organ Master Class  Yoon-Mi Lim M 01:00PM-01:50PM
7612 ORGPR-5711-A Elective Organ  Yoon-Mi Lim  
7613 ORGPR-5721-A Elective Organ  Yoon-Mi Lim  
7614 ORGPR-5732-A Elective Organ  Yoon-Mi Lim  

Performance Lab

8018 PFMLB-3010-A Performance Laboratory  David Toledo F 11:30AM-12:20PM


7980 PIACL-3881-A Accompanying  Robert Smith   -
7981 PIACL-4801-A Seminar in Piano Pedagogy I  Jill Sprenger M 09:00AM-09:50AM
7982 PIACL-4811-A Seminar in Piano Literature I  Robert Smith M 02:00PM-03:40PM
7984 PIACL-4861-A Piano Pedagogy Development I  Jill Sprenger M 10:00AM-10:50AM
9415 PIAPR-4800-B Piano Master Class  Robert Smith M 11:00AM-11:50AM
9416 PIAPR-4800-C Piano Master Class  Jill Sprenger M 11:00AM-11:50AM
7628 PIAPR-4812-A MM Piano I  Jill Sprenger  
7632 PIAPR-4882-A MM Piano III  Robert Smith  
9468 PIAPR-4882-B MM Piano III (Piano Perform)  Jill Sprenger  
7633 PIAPR-4892-A MM Piano IV and Recital  Robert Smith  
7636 PIAPR-5811-A Elective Piano  Hana Park  
9471 PIAPR-5811-B Elective Piano  Moira Hopfe-Ostensen  
7637 PIAPR-5872-A Elective Piano  Jill Sprenger  


7985 VOICL-3912-A Class Voice I - Music Majors  Audra Scott TTH 03:00PM-03:50PM
7988 VOICL-3922-A Class Voice II - Music Majors  Audra Scott T 05:00PM-05:00PM
7992 VOICL-4902-A Voice Pedagogy  Angela Cofer TTH 02:30PM-03:20PM
9411 VOIPR-4900-B Voice Master Class  Angela Cofer M 12:00PM-12:50PM
9412 VOIPR-4900-C Voice Master Class  Bennie Caston M 12:00PM-12:50PM
9413 VOIPR-4900-D Voice Master Class  Carol Aultman M 12:00PM-12:50PM
9414 VOIPR-4900-E Voice Master Class  Ronald Montgomery M 12:00PM-12:50PM
7642 VOIPR-4912-A MM Voice I  Bennie Caston  
7643 VOIPR-4922-A MM Voice II  Leonard Day  
7646 VOIPR-4951-A Voice  Carol Aultman  
9485 VOIPR-4951-B Voice  Ronald Montgomery  
7647 VOIPR-4961-A Voice  Bennie Caston  
9484 VOIPR-4961-B Voice  Ronald Montgomery  
7648 VOIPR-4982-A Mm Voice Performance III  Leonard Day  
9483 VOIPR-4982-B Mm Voice Performance III  Angela Cofer  
7650 VOIPR-5911-A Elective Voice  Carol Aultman  
7652 VOIPR-5931-A Elective Voice  Ronald Montgomery  
9496 VOIPR-5931-B Elective Voice  Leonard Day  
7653 VOIPR-5932-A Elective Voice  Angela Cofer  
9479 VOIPR-5932-B Elective Voice  Ronald Montgomery  
9480 VOIPR-5932-C Elective Voice  Leonard Day  
9481 VOIPR-5932-D Elective Voice  Bennie Caston  
9482 VOIPR-5932-E Elective Voice  Carol Aultman  
7655 VOIPR-5942-A Elective Voice  Ronald Montgomery  
9478 VOIPR-5942-B Elective Voice  Angela Cofer  

Church and Family Ministries

SYNM Course No. Title Instructor Days Times
8067 RECMN-4273-A Leadership in Recreation Min  Paul Stutz M 03:00PM-05:45PM
8070 RECMN-4323-A Ministry Through the Outdoors  Waylan Owens M 12:00PM-02:45PM


8024 ADMIN-3313-A Administration and Church Law  Paul Stutz M 08:00AM-10:45AM
8021 ADMIN-4653-A Church Business & Staff Admin  Paul Stutz M 03:00PM-05:45PM

Adult Education

8027 ADUED-4383-A Adult Discipleship Strategies  Nathan Shirley M 12:00PM-02:45PM

Childhood Education

8032 CHDED-4213-A Admin of Early Childhd Prog  Karen Kennemur M 03:00PM-05:45PM
8030 CHDED-4313-A Teaching Min in Early Childhd  Karen Kennemur F

Christian School Education

8048 CSEDU-5810-A MACSE Continuous Enrollment  Patricia Nason  
8049 CSEDU-5813-A Thesis in Christian School Edu  Patricia Nason  

Collegiate Ministry

8046 COLMN-4393-A Campus Ministry Internship  Max Barnett   -


8037 CNSLN-3103-A Psychology and Psychotherapy  Dale Johnson WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
8038 CNSLN-3203-A Principles of Biblical Counsel  Dale Johnson WF 08:30AM-09:45AM
8039 CNSLN-3203-B Principles of Biblical Counsel  Frank Catanzaro M 12:00PM-02:45PM
8041 CNSLN-4003-A Premarital and Marital Counsel  Frank Catanzaro TH 01:00PM-03:45PM
8042 CNSLN-5002-A Counseling Practicum I  Frank Catanzaro T 06:15PM-08:00PM
9522 CNSLN-5002-B Counseling Practicum I  Frank Catanzaro M 08:00AM-10:45AM
8043 CNSLN-5003-A Counseling Practicum I  Frank Catanzaro T 06:15PM-09:00PM
9524 CNSLN-5003-B Counseling Practicum I  Frank Catanzaro M 08:00AM-10:45AM
8044 CNSLN-5203-A Counseling Practicum III  Dale Johnson TH 06:15PM-09:00PM

Educational Ministries

8056 EDMIN-3003-A The Ministry of Education  Nathan Shirley T 06:15PM-09:00PM
8057 EDMIN-3003-B The Ministry of Education  John Derouen M 08:00AM-10:45AM
8059 EDMIN-3013-A Theology of Church and Family  Matthew Harrison WF 08:30AM-09:45AM
8077 SPFEM-3101-A Spiritual Formation I - Em  Carter Riley M 11:00AM-12:00PM
8078 SPFEM-3101-B1 Spiritual Formation I - Em  John Derouen T
8081 SPFEM-3101-B2 Spiritual Formation I - Em  Karen Kennemur T
8079 SPFEM-3101-C1 Spiritual Formation I - Em  Matthew Harrison W
8080 SPFEM-3101-C2 Spiritual Formation I - Em  Patricia Nason W
8089 SPFEM-3101-C3 Spiritual Formation I - Em  Alicia Wong W
8082 SPFEM-3101-D Spiritual Formation I - Em  Carter Riley TH

Foundations of Educ

8060 FOUND-3333-A Theology & Phil for Chrn Educ  Patricia Nason WF 01:00PM-02:15PM
8061 FOUND-5902-A Foundations Field Exp (OJT)  Matthew Harrison M 11:00AM-11:50AM


7798 HMKNG-4804-A Topics in Homemaking-Clothing  Patricia Ennis TTH 02:30PM-04:10PM

Human Growth & Development

8065 HUMGR-3013-A Bib Anthropology & Pedagogy  Matthew Harrison WF 07:00AM-08:15AM

Student Ministries

8083 STMIN-4323-A Student Ministry Essentials  John Derouen WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
8086 STMIN-4343-A Student Ministry Strategies  John Derouen M 03:00PM-05:45PM
9547 STMIN-5303-C Supervised Internship  Richard Ross   -

Women's Ministry

7803 WOMIN-3313-A Contemporary Evang for Women  Alicia Wong T 06:15PM-09:00PM
7804 WOMIN-3713-A Women and Discipleship  Alicia Wong TTH 11:30AM-12:45PM
8749 WOMIN-5902-A Women's Ministry Field Experie  Terri Stovall  


SYNM Course No. Title Instructor Days Times

Seminary Core

9166 WRCOM-3301-A Oral Communication Lab  Carrie Hamilton TH 08:00PM-09:00PM
8158 WRCOM-3302-A Written Communication  Carrie Hamilton TH 06:15PM-08:00PM

Roy Fish School of Evang/Missn

SYNM Course No. Title Instructor Days Times

Applied Ministry

8186 APLEV-3203-GB Crossover Evangelism:Grnsboro  Matt Queen T
8187 APLEV-4031-A Applied Ministry  Mike Morris T 11:30AM-12:20PM
8188 APLEV-4041-A Applied Ministry  Mike Morris TH 11:30AM-12:20PM
8189 APLEV-5602-A Great Commission Mentorship 1  Mike Morris  
8190 APLEV-5612-A Great Commission Mentorship 2  Mike Morris  
8191 APLEV-5622-A Great Commission Mentorship 3  Mike Morris  


8193 EVANG-3000-A Personal Evangelism Practicum  Mike Morris  
8873 EVANG-3000-AW Personal Evangelism Practicum  Mike Morris  
8194 EVANG-3000-B Personal Evangelism Practicum  Mike Morris  
8196 EVANG-3303-A Contemporary Evangelism  Matt Queen M 08:00AM-10:45AM
8197 EVANG-3303-B Contemporary Evangelism  Brandon Kiesling T 06:15PM-09:00PM
8240 SPFEV-3101-A Spiritual Formation I-Evang  Mike Morris W
8241 SPFEV-3101-B Spiritual Formation I-Evang  Daniel Sanchez T
8242 SPFEV-3101-C Spiritual Formation I-Evang  Dean Sieberhagen TH

Islamic Studies

8204 ISLST-4313-A Historical Devel in Islam  Tony Maalouf M 12:00PM-02:45PM
8238 MODLG-3513-A Beginning Arabic I  Lamis Maalouf TTH 11:30AM-12:45PM


8206 MISSN-3000-A Distance Learning Orientation  Keith Eitel T 06:30PM-08:30PM
8207 MISSN-3100-A Missions Practicum  Mike Morris  
8208 MISSN-3100-B Missions Practicum  Mike Morris  
8210 MISSN-3363-A Introduction to Missiology  Dean Sieberhagen WF 01:00PM-02:15PM
8211 MISSN-3363-B Introduction to Missiology  Tony Maalouf T 06:30PM-09:00PM
8215 MISSN-4333-A World Religions:Missn Appr  John Massey TTH 08:30AM-09:45AM
8217 MISSN-4433-A Business as Missions  Dean Sieberhagen M 12:00PM-02:45PM
8218 MISSN-4493-A Intro to Nrth American Ch Plnt  Steve Lee WF 01:00PM-02:15PM
8219 MISSN-4503-A Intro to International Ch Plnt  Daniel Sanchez WF 01:00PM-02:15PM
8221 MISSN-5373-A Cross-Cultural Witn Gosp/Min  Mike Morris M 03:00PM-05:45PM
8223 MISSN-5413-A Missiological Issues: GCRN  Mike Morris TH
8230 MISSN-5523-FP1 Three-Hour Missions Praxis  Keith Eitel  
8232 MISSN-5523-FP2 Three-Hour Missions Praxis  Keith Eitel  


SYNM Course No. Title Instructor Days Times
8781 MATHE-5000-A Math Summative Examination  Mark Taylor  
8444 MATHE-5001-A M.A. Theol Thesis Research  Mark Taylor  
8445 MATHE-5003-A M.A. Theol Thesis  Mark Taylor  
8446 MATHE-5010-A M.A. Theol Continuous Enrollmt  Mark Taylor  
8886 MDVTH-5003-A M.Div. Theol Thesis  Mark Taylor  
8447 MDVTH-5010-A M.Div. Theol Cont Enrollmt  Mark Taylor  
8719 MTSTU-5000-A MTS Summative Examination  Mark Taylor  
8504 SPFTH-3101-A1 Spiritual Formation I-Theology  Thomas Kiker M 11:00AM-12:00PM
8507 SPFTH-3101-A2 Spiritual Formation I-Theology  Ross Inman M 11:00AM-12:00PM
8505 SPFTH-3101-B1 Spiritual Formation I-Theology  Terry Wilder T
8508 SPFTH-3101-B2 Spiritual Formation I-Theology  Aaron Son W
8509 SPFTH-3101-B3 Spiritual Formation I-Theology  Ross Inman T
8510 SPFTH-3101-B4 Spiritual Formation I-Theology  Candice Finch T
8511 SPFTH-3101-C1 Spiritual Formation I-Theology  Robert Caldwell W
8512 SPFTH-3101-C2 Spiritual Formation I-Theology  Paul Hoskins W
8513 SPFTH-3101-C3 Spiritual Formation I-Theology  Ryan Stokes W
8514 SPFTH-3101-D1 Spiritual Formation I-Theology  Matthew McKellar TH
8515 SPFTH-3101-D2 Spiritual Formation I-Theology  John Taylor TH
8782 THMTH-5000-A ThM Summative Examination  Mark Taylor  

Applied Ministry

9380 APLMN-3001-A Applied Ministry: CPT  Michael Wilson  
8370 APLMN-3101-A Internship  Michael Wilson  
8371 APLMN-3102-A Internship  Michael Wilson  
8372 APLMN-3103-A Internship  Michael Wilson  
8373 APLMN-3201-A Practicum  Michael Wilson  
8374 APLMN-3202-A Practicum  Michael Wilson  
8375 APLMN-3203-A Practicum  Michael Wilson  
8376 APLMN-3301-A Mentorship  Michael Wilson  
8377 APLMN-3302-A Mentorship  Michael Wilson  
8378 APLMN-3303-A Mentorship  Michael Wilson  
8379 APLMN-3401-A Apprenticeship  Michael Wilson  
8380 APLMN-3402-A Apprenticeship  Michael Wilson  
8381 APLMN-3403-A Apprenticeship  Michael Wilson  
8382 APLMN-3501-A Disciple-Making  Michael Wilson  
8383 APLMN-3502-A Disciple-Making  Michael Wilson  
8384 APLMN-3503-A Disciple-Making  Michael Wilson  
8385 APLMN-3601-A Leadership  Michael Wilson  
8386 APLMN-3602-A Leadership  Michael Wilson  
8387 APLMN-3603-A Leadership  Michael Wilson  
8389 APLMN-4021-A Applied Ministry-Mentoring  Michael Wilson M 11:00AM-11:50AM
8391 APLMN-4021-B Applied Ministry-Mentoring  Charles A. Stewart M 11:00AM-11:50AM
8392 APLMN-4021-C Applied Ministry-Mentoring  Charles A. Stewart M 05:00PM-05:50PM
8393 APLMN-4021-D Applied Ministry-Mentoring  Michael Wilson T 11:30AM-12:20PM
8394 APLMN-4021-E Applied Ministry-Mentoring  Michael Wilson T 04:15PM-05:05PM
8395 APLMN-4021-F Applied Ministry-Mentoring  Michael Wilson W 11:30AM-12:20PM
8396 APLMN-4021-G Applied Ministry-Mentoring  Michael Wilson TH 11:30AM-12:20PM
8397 APLMN-4021-KO Applied Ministry-Mentoring  Jongsu Heo TH 11:30AM-12:20PM

Archaeology and Archaeological Method

8398 ARCHE-3103-A Archaeology of Ancient Israel  Steven Ortiz TTH 08:30AM-09:45AM
8401 ARCHE-5103-A Archaeological Method & Theory  Thomas Davis WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
8440 MAABS-5001-A Thesis Research  Steven Ortiz  
8441 MAABS-5003-A Thesis  Steven Ortiz  
8443 MAABS-5010-A M.A. Continuous Enrollmt  Steven Ortiz  

Baptist Studies

8412 BPTST-3203-A Baptist Heritage  W. Madison Grace M 06:15PM-09:00PM
8413 BPTST-3203-B Baptist Heritage  W. Madison Grace TTH 08:30AM-09:45AM

Biblical Backgrounds and History

8403 BBHST-3313-A Backgrd to Life/Times of Jesus  Steven Ortiz TTH 01:00PM-02:15PM
8404 BBHST-3413-A History of Ancient Israel  Eric Mitchell WF 01:00PM-02:15PM

Biblical Studies

8406 BIBST-3203-A Biblical Hermeneutics  Paul Hoskins TTH 08:30AM-09:45AM
8407 BIBST-3203-B Biblical Hermeneutics  Charles Martin M 12:00PM-02:45PM
8410 BIBST-3203-C Biblical Hermeneutics  Charles Martin TH 06:15PM-09:00PM

Biblical Theology

8650 BIBTH-4333-A The Theology of John  Paul Hoskins M 08:00AM-10:45AM
8649 BIBTH-4803-A Old Testament Theology  John J. Yeo TTH 01:00PM-02:15PM

Biblical and Cognate Languages

8368 ANELG-5023-A Aramaic  Ryan Stokes TTH 11:30AM-12:45PM

Christian Ethics

8422 ETHIC-4303-A The Christian Home  Charles Patrick TTH 11:30AM-12:45PM
8423 ETHIC-4303-B The Christian Home  Evan Lenow M 08:00AM-10:45AM
8654 ETHIC-4323-A The Bible & Moral Issues  Evan Lenow WF 07:00AM-08:15AM
8424 ETHIC-5353-A Special Topics: Bible & Race  Evan Lenow WF 01:00PM-02:15PM
8878 ETHIC-5353-B Special Topics: Family & Cltr  Evan Lenow   -

Church History and Historical Theology

8414 CHAHT-3103-A Church History I  Stephen Presley T 06:15PM-09:00PM
8415 CHAHT-3103-B Church History I  Stephen Presley M 08:00AM-10:45AM
8416 CHAHT-3103-C Church History I  Robert Caldwell WF 08:30AM-09:45AM
8623 CHAHT-4113-A Studies in Early Christianity  Stephen Presley TTH 11:30AM-12:45PM

New Testament

8429 GREEK-3313-A Biblical Greek I  John Taylor WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
8430 GREEK-3313-B Biblical Greek I  Terry Wilder TTH 01:00PM-02:15PM
8431 GREEK-3313-C Biblical Greek I  Aaron Son WF 08:30AM-09:45AM
8432 GREEK-3313-D Biblical Greek I  Mark Taylor M 12:00PM-02:45PM
8620 GREEK-4313-A Trans/Interp: 1 Corinth 1-4  Mark Taylor M 03:00PM-05:45PM
8621 GREEK-4313-B Translation/Interp:Colossians  Paul Hoskins TTH 11:30AM-12:45PM
8646 GREEK-5123-A Exeg of Colossians/Philemon  Aaron Son TTH 11:30AM-12:45PM
8451 NEWTS-3313-A Basic New Testament I  Aaron Son TTH 07:00AM-08:15AM
8452 NEWTS-3313-B Basic New Testament I  James Wicker M 03:00PM-05:45PM
8453 NEWTS-3313-C Basic New Testament I  James Wicker WF 01:00PM-02:15PM
8454 NEWTS-3323-A Basic New Testament II  Mark Taylor WF 01:00PM-02:15PM
8632 NEWTS-4073-A First Corinthians  Paige Patterson T 07:00PM-09:30PM
8639 NEWTS-4103-A Ephesians  Terry Wilder TTH 08:30AM-09:45AM

Old Testament

8434 HEBRW-4313-A Biblical Hebrew I  John J. Yeo WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
8435 HEBRW-4313-B Biblical Hebrew I  George Klein WF 08:30AM-09:45AM
8436 HEBRW-4313-C Biblical Hebrew I  Joshua Williams M 12:00PM-02:45PM
8437 HEBRW-4356-A Biblical Hebrew I and II  George Klein TTH 01:00PM-03:45PM
8438 HEBRW-5003-A Translation and Interpretation  Joshua Williams TTH 11:30AM-12:45PM
8439 HEBRW-5003-B Translation and Interpretation  Ryan Stokes M 03:00PM-05:45PM
8637 HEBRW-5503-A Exegesis of Genesis  Joshua Williams WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
8458 OLDTS-3313-A Basic Old Testament I  John J. Yeo WF 01:00PM-02:15PM
8459 OLDTS-3313-B Basic Old Testament I  Justin Allison M 03:00PM-05:45PM
8460 OLDTS-3313-C Basic Old Testament I  Ryan Stokes TTH 07:00AM-08:15AM
8461 OLDTS-3323-A Basic Old Testament II  Joshua Williams WF 01:00PM-02:15PM
8462 OLDTS-3333-A Great Themes of Old Testament  Eric Mitchell M 08:00AM-10:45AM
8653 OLDTS-4773-A Haggai-Zechariah-Malachi  Justin Allison WF 08:30AM-09:45AM

Pastoral Ministry

8466 PASMN-3000-A Christian Ministry Practicum  Deron Biles  
8467 PASMN-3000-B Christian Ministry Practicum  Thomas Kiker  
8468 PASMN-3313-A Found for Christian Ministry I  Deron Biles WF 08:30AM-09:45AM
8469 PASMN-3313-B Found for Christian Ministry I  Thomas Kiker TH 06:15PM-09:00PM
8529 PASMN-4323-A Biblical Counseling  Dale Johnson WF 08:30AM-09:45AM
8530 PASMN-4323-B Biblical Counseling  Frank Catanzaro M 12:00PM-02:45PM
8528 PASMN-4333-A Theol Found for Pastoral Couns  Dale Johnson WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
8613 PASMN-4343-A Conflict Min in Church  Thomas Kiker TTH 11:30AM-12:45PM
8533 PASMN-4533-A Pre-Marita/Marital Counseling  Frank Catanzaro TH 01:00PM-03:45PM

Philosophy of Religion

8715 PHILO-4313-A Philosophy of Religion  Ross Inman WF 08:30AM-09:45AM
8800 PHILO-4333-A Epistemology  Travis Dickinson WF 08:30AM-09:45AM
8475 PHILO-4373-A Christian Apologetics  Travis Dickinson M 08:00AM-10:45AM
8472 PHILO-4413-A Christ and Canon  Paul Gould WF 01:00PM-02:15PM
8476 PHILO-4511-A Apologetics Research  Travis Dickinson  
8477 PHILO-4521-A Apologetics Seminar  Travis Dickinson F 10:00AM-10:50AM
8478 PHILO-4533-A Apologetics Thesis  Travis Dickinson  
8624 PHILO-5333-A Apologetics in Early Church  Stephen Presley TTH 11:30AM-12:45PM
8479 PHILO-5373-A Critical Thinking  Paul Gould TTH 02:30PM-03:45PM


8483 PRCHG-3000-A Preaching Practicum  Matthew McKellar  
8484 PRCHG-3000-B Preaching Practicum  Mr Jim Majors  
8487 PRCHG-3313-A Intro to Expository Preaching  Charles McCarty TH 06:15PM-09:00PM
8488 PRCHG-3313-B Intro to Expository Preaching  Christopher Walker M 08:00AM-10:45AM
8489 PRCHG-3313-C Intro to Expository Preaching  Vern Charette TTH 08:30AM-09:45AM
8490 PRCHG-3313-D Intro to Expository Preaching  Charles McCarty WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
8492 PRCHG-3313-KO Intro to Expository Preaching  Shin Chan Jeong TTH 02:30PM-03:45PM
8493 PRCHG-3323-A Advanced Expository Preaching  Matthew McKellar TH 06:15PM-09:00PM
8494 PRCHG-3323-B Advanced Expository Preaching  Mr Jim Majors M 08:00AM-10:45AM
8785 PRCHG-4353-A Preaching Christ in the OT  David Allen   -

Systematic Theology

8516 SYSTH-3003-A Systematic Theology I  Gerardo Alfaro TTH 01:00PM-02:15PM
8517 SYSTH-3003-B Systematic Theology I  Malcolm Yarnell M 12:00PM-02:45PM
8518 SYSTH-3003-C Systematic Theology I  Malcolm Yarnell WF 07:00AM-08:15AM
8519 SYSTH-3413-A Biblical Theology of Manhood  Charles Carpenter M 12:00PM-02:45PM

Women's Studies

7807 WOMST-3003-A Intro to Women's Studies  Candice Finch M 12:00PM-02:45PM
7809 WOMST-4033-A Wife of the Equipping Minister  Cynthia McCoy T 06:15PM-09:00PM
7810 WOMST-4043-A Expository Comm of Bib Truth  Candice Finch T 06:15PM-09:00PM
7812 WOMST-4053-A Contemporary Evang for Women  Alicia Wong T 06:15PM-09:00PM
8877 WOMST-5033-A Special Topics: Family & Cltr  Candice Finch   -
Synchronous (Live Interaction): This new format offers students the experience of live interaction with faculty and students at the Fort Worth campus. Please note that these classes require online attendance at the days and times listed.

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