Revive This Nation

Where will revival begin?

March 13-17, 2016

This spring break, Southwestern will be sending over 100 students and professors to preach in churches across America and to evangelize the communities around them. Revival begins in the church. If your church is interested in hosting a preacher for the week or if you are a student looking to preach, now is the time to prepare. Now is the time to ask God to revive this nation.

Revive This Nation at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is an historic program aimed at serving Southern Baptists as a catalyst for revival. For more than fifty years, students and professors have spent Spring Break preaching revivals and ministering in churches across this nation. God has blessed this effort with more than 14,000 people coming to know Christ. From street corners and front doors to pulpits and pews, we continue to have one aim: preaching the Word and reaching the world.

Partnerships with churches make this ministry successful. Churches host revival meetings where our preachers proclaim the Word of God from the pulpit and on the streets. Preachers consistently tell us that this program has opened their eyes to the need for workers in the fields and churches report how a movement of God has awakened them to the greatness of God and the urgency of His call. We are eager to go, but we need partner churches to provide opportunities for our students and professors.

Are you interested in hosting a revival?

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Key Features of Revive This Nation:

  • Southwestern Seminary recruits churches to hold revival meetings in the spring and pays for the preacher's roundtrip transportation to these churches.
  • The host church provides meals, lodging and local transportation for the preacher while they are on the field.
  • Revival meetings generally begin on Sunday morning March 13 and end on Wednesday evening March 17, 2016, providing the preacher with five preaching opportunities. Alternative formats for the revival meeting are available if there are circumstances which prevent this schedule.
  • The preacher partners with the pastor to engage lost people from the host community in evangelism during the weekdays.
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For more information please contact us at 817-923-1921, ext. 7300, or by email at


Are you interested in preaching a revival?

Revive this Nation is an historic program at Southwestern to send students and faculty who desire to leverage their Spring Break for the Gospel by preaching revivals. You will have an invaluable opportunity to preach a revival meeting and work with a pastor in an evangelistic community outreach. Southwestern will pay your travel expenses, and the host church will provide your lodging and meals. Churches all across the nation are planning revivals and want preachers from Southwestern to lead them. Class credit is available for undergraduate and graduate students. The course is designed to provide an introduction to text-driven preaching and prepare you to preach five evangelistic sermons. God is at work in churches around the country. It is our prayer that this movement of God would revive this nation.

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For more information please contact us at 817-923-1921, ext. 7300, or by email at


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