House Watch Request

As a service to all Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary family, your security department provides you an opportunity to inform us when you are away from home so that we may check your residence periodically. We will attempt to conceal newspapers that may accumulate in your yard or near your apartment or any other evidence that may show you are out of town. If you are going away for a week or longer, you should request that your newspaper and your mail not be delivered for the length of time that you are away. In order to request this service, simply fill out this sheet accurately and completely as possible. You may fill out this information on line and simply send it in electronically, or you may also seal this request form in an envelope and turn it in at either the Post Office Security Mail or the mail drop box at the security office. Please indicate on the outside of the envelope the following, “Security” so that it will be delivered properly.

House Watch Request Form

How may we contact you while you are away?
If there is a problem at your residence and we are unable to reach you, is there someone we may contact (locally) to act in your stead (i.e. trusted neighbor or fellow seminarian)?
Are there individuals whom you have given permission to be at your residence while you are away? (Anyone not specifically listed will be required to leave the property)
If you have a private driveway, what vehicles may we expect to find parked there?

The seminary security office provides this opportunity as an act of service to all residents of seminary housing. While we do accept the responsibility of making this campus as safe as possible, the Seminary, nor any of its departments (including the security office), does not accept financial responsibility for any personal property that might be damaged or stolen due to any acts of crime that may occur at your residence while you are away. By your submitting this information or your initials below, you acknowledge this and are authorizing the Seminary and its respective representatives to take actions that might be necessary to better safeguard your home and possessions while you are away.

By initialing, I verify that all the above information is correct.

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