Continued Studies Request

This form is for a current student who is graduating this semester, and plans to continue study immediately following graduation.  If you are not currently enrolled, please use the Returning Student Enrollment Form.  If you are not graduating this semester, please contact the Registrar's Office for a different form.  If you are a bachelor's degree student trying to be admitted to a master's program, then you must Reapply through the Admissions Office.

Students continuing their study enroll under the current catalog using the Continued Studies Request Form below.







Priority Registration Deadline

April 1

November 1

November 1

April 1

Final Deadline

End of first week of term

First day of class

End of first week of term

First day of class

Registrar Continued Studies Request

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Student Information
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Are you an F-1 Visa Student?

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Degree Information
Additional Information

Briefly describe both your immediate and long-term vocational and academic objectives.

How will further study at Southwestern Seminary help you reach these goals?

If you are not pursuing a second degree, please explain your specific reasons for making this request.

Please give any other information that would help us understand your desire to return.

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