Petition Form

Petitions are appeals of stated catalog policy and are considered only in cases of genuine emergency and/or need.  Petitions may not be approved in every case.

Course substitutions and other requests related to individual degree requirements are not handled by this form. Please see the Academic Advising Office for the correct form.

Please allow two weeks for a reply on your petition.  You will receive an email with the decision and any further instructions.

Registrar Petition Form

Student Information

Are you an F-1 Visa Student?

Do you receive VA benefits?

Do you plan to Graduate this semester?

Have you ever Petitioned before?

Petition Information

List the address of where we should mail a letter regarding in absentia graduation clearance. This letter will be mailed to you toward the end of your graduating semester.

Please specify the Course Number, Section Letter, Course Title, and Professor for each Petitioned Course
Example: NEWTS 3313 A, Basic New Testament I, Dr. B. H. Carroll

Explanation of Request

In addition to the information above, fully explain your reasons for petitioning. Give as much detail as possible to help us understand why this exception is necessary.

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