Prospective Students

Nearly 75 percent of the students enrolled at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary receive some type of financial assistance in the form of non-federal loans, grants and scholarships. The Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention and some general endowed funds defray the majority of academic costs for Southern Baptist students to attend Southwestern Seminary.

New Student Scholarships

New Students who do not have an established GPA often find it difficult to obtain scholarships for their first semester of studies. In order to remedy this, Southwestern has created a New Student Scholarship for those attending in their first semester. Additionally, there are scholarship opportunities from external sources which may be utilized.  Information on non-seminary financial resources is available to prospective students. Some state conventions and foundations offer scholarships to students from their state. Students may contact the convention and/or foundation in their home state to make inquiry.

Requirements:  You must be a first semester student at Southwestern Seminary or The College at Southwestern and enrolled for full-time (9 hours for Graduate students, 12 hours for Undergraduate students and enrollment in seminars for Post-Graduate students).

Applications:  Click here 

January 23, 2015 before 5pm is the deadline for the scholarship to be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid.

Thank You Letters

Scholarship recipients may be required to submit of a Thank You Letter* to the Office of Financial Aid upon request.   You may download the Thank You Letter Instructions by clicking here.

*Late applications will not be considered.

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