Veterans Benefits

Those eligible for Veteran Benefits who have been admitted to an approved degree program can be certified to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  This process must be initiated by the student through the Registrar's Office. Students must notify the Registrar's Office each semester they want to be certified.

Montgomery GI Bill

The MGIB program provides up to 36 months of education benefits. This benefit may be used for degree and certificate programs, flight training, apprenticeship/on-the-job
training and correspondence courses. Remedial, deficiency, and refresher courses may be approved under certain circumstances. Generally, benefits are payable for 10 years
following your release from active duty. This program is also commonly known as Chapter 30.

Post 9/11 GI Bill

The Post-9/11 GI Bill provides financial support for education and housing to individuals with at least 90 days of aggregate service after September 10, 2001, or individuals discharged with a service-connected disability after 30 days. You must have received an honorable discharge to be eligible for the Post-9/11 GI Bill.

This benefit provides up to 36 months of education benefits, generally benefits are payable for 15 years following your release from active duty.

For more information about the GI Bill please visit

*All GI Bill benefits are handled by the Registrars Office at 817-923-1921 Ext: 2001

Tuition Assistance

The Military Tuition Assistance (TA) benefit is no longer available at Southwestern due to governmental regulations which could potentially compromise the religious independence and confessional curriculum of the school.  However, in an effort to support our military students, we are proud to announce an internal scholarship that will provide comparable benefits to those previously received by the student service member.  Tuition Assistance is a Department of Defense (DOD) program for currently serving active duty, reserve and guard servicemembers.  Tuition Assistance is not to be confused with the GI Bill, which is a program of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  Those students eligible to receive the GI Bill will still be able to utilize their benefits through Southwestern.  Email the financial aid office at for additional details.

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