Institute for Church Planting & Growth

The L. R. Scarborough Institute for Church Planting and Growth is dedicated to the task of equipping leaders who will grow theologically sound and culturally relevant churches in the twenty-first century. Founded in 1993, the Institute seeks to attain its goals by:

  • Utilizing faculty scholars as a church growth think-tank and promoting church planting and church growth research.
  • Involving students in summer, semester, and year-long church planting internships and also in International Mission Board, North American Mission Board and State Convention mentorships in such areas as: Church Starting, Church Growth, Multi-housing Ministries, Ministers of Missions, Prison Ministry, and Student Pastorates.
  • Featuring church planting and church growth conferences.
  • Coordinating the annual Spring Evangelism Practicum.
  • Participating with the North American Mission Board in the North American Church Planting project.
  • Supervising the Urban Evangelism Practicum.
  • Providing demographic materials for student and faculty research.
  • Participating in national and international research projects such as the Mission Atlas Project.

For further information contact:

The Scarborough Institute
PO Box 22598, Fort Worth TX 76122
PHONE: 817.923.1921 x6677


Established 1908 Fort Worth, Texas