Max Barnett

Professor of Collegiate Ministry, Director of Collegiate Ministry Training, and Edgar F. "Preacher" Hallock Chair of Baptist Student Work

Dr. Max Barnett has given his life working with university students and their leaders.  After graduating from Texas A&M and after completing one year at SWBTS, he assumed the position as Baptist Student Director at 3 campuses in Dallas while finishing seminary.  A year and one-half later, he and his wife, Sandra, moved to Norman, OK, where he served as Baptist Student Director at the University of Oklahoma for over 37 years.  Recently the IMB stated that there are more IMB missionaries from Oklahoma University that any state school in America. He retired in 2004 and finished his doctorate at Midwestern Seminary.

He developed the collegiate ministry classes at Midwestern and Southwestern Seminaries.  Dr. Barnett teaches collegiate ministry week-long classes during the January and May I-terms. He is currently also the volunteer state director for Colorado Christian Challenge, the Southern Baptist churches' outreach on Colorado campuses. 

Dr. Barnett wrote the gospel tract "The Real Purpose of Life" that is widely used. He collaborated in writing and editing one of the two guidebooks for Southern Baptist Collegiate Ministry entitled "A Team Approach to Collegiate Ministry" which is now used in 3 of our Southern Baptist Seminaries.  He was also responsible for helping write a series of 6 Bible study booklets entitled "The Real Purpose of Life Bible Studies", used in discipling university students. He has spoken in many conferences in the U.S.A. and in numerous other countries and is responsible for initiating Christian summer training programs for university students from Southern Baptists collegiate ministries.  

He helped to collect messages and make available to the world the website with over 30,000 messages available at no charge.  Many of Dr. Barnett's messages to university students and leaders are available on that website.  He has written numerous Bible studies for university students and is featured in several DVD's including  "Discipleship - Passing It on" and "Encouraging Young Leaders". 

Dr. Barnett was appointed by Dr. Paige Patterson to serve on the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message Committee.

He is the recipient in 2008 of the annual Salt and Light Award given by the Christian Businessmen's Association of Oklahoma City for outstanding Christian service.

A biography of Dr. Barnett was written by Dr. Mike Thompson entitled "Max Barnett - Collegiate Minister and Disciplemaker." 

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