Matt Sanders

Assistant Professor of Greek

Dr. Sanders' research focus is on Trinitarian theology with a major emphasis on studying the practical relevance of the doctrine and communicating that relevance to non-academic readers. Both his master's thesis (Southwestern, 2000) and doctoral dissertation (University of St. Andrews, 2010) are on Trinitarian theology with the former focusing on the use of perichoresis in recent theologies and the latter focusing on heretical and orthodox uses of the term "subordinationism" in various theologies. Dr. Sanders recently began a blog called "Trinity for Us" at where he provides his preliminary thoughts on various topics related to the Trinity. Whether teaching Greek, New Testament, or theology, Dr. Sanders has a passion for students and challenging them to grow in their faith and not settle for a shallow theology that will prevent them from being effective ministers of God's Word. He brings to the classroom a combination of a broad educational background and diverse ministry experiences that include serving in a number of positions in various churches. Right now, he is helping to lead Beth-El Fellowship, a church in Fort Worth that is attempting to be more inclusive of special needs families, many of whom feel uncomfortable and/or misunderstood in other churches and as a result do not belong to a church. As the church develops, Dr. Sanders intends to write about what Beth-El is doing and how other churches can incorporate some the principles in their ministries. Dr. Sanders is married to Cheryl Sanders, both of whom grew up in Hawaii, and they are raising three daughters.

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