Expectations of the Faculty

Southwestern’s 100-year legacy includes faculty who have faithfully demonstrated biblical models of leadership and character. The seminary believes that an elite faculty produces elite students who will honor the name of Christ wherever God calls them. President Paige Patterson gives every faculty member a list of expectations that exemplify Christ-like attitudes and behaviors. Students can be confident that they are being trained and mentored under godly men and women who are committed to Christ, their families, their churches, Southern Baptists, Southwestern and their students.

  • A man or woman who walks with God
  • A faithful husband or wife
  • An attentive father or mother
  • A consistent witness
  • A churchman and a tither
  • Endorses, honors, and knows the Baptist Faith and Message 2000
  • A voracious reader
  • A stimulating lecturer
  • A friend to students, being at once both just and challenging
  • A writing project with realistic goals
  • Faithful to chapel (2 days out of 3)
  • Loyal to Christ, to Southern Baptists, and to SWBTS
  • Maintains a sense of humor
  • Involved in missions
  • Morally and ethically exemplary

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