Writing Center FAQs for Off-Campus Students

“I was amazed at how quickly the Writing Center responded to my request for help!  The feedback on my paper was so helpful, so I’m planning on using this service for all of my papers.”
Off-campus graduate student

Am I an off-campus student?
Do you live more than 30 minutes from campus and visit the Fort Worth campus infrequently if at all? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, you are an off-campus student!

If you are a student at the Havard campus, contact Stefana Laing for more information about Writing Center services in Houston by clicking here. Otherwise, you can follow the process described below.

How do I send a paper to the Writing Center to receive help by email?
Attach your paper and your assignment to an email and send it to WritingCenter@swbts.edu. In your email, let us know that you are an off-campus student and include your student ID number.

Also, let us know what you would like us to look for in particular while reading your paper. Please be specific! For example, your request could be:

  • “I’m not sure that my points are organized in this paper.
  • Do you have suggestions for improving the organization?” or
  • Could you look through the paper for my use of articles (a, an, and the)?"

Please do not just write:

  • Check grammar or
  • Check paper

If we receive a request like these examples, we will write back and ask you to be more specific.

What type of response will I receive?
You will initially receive a response by email letting you know that we have received your paper.

After sending that initial email, we will read through your paper and insert specific comments using the Microsoft Word comment feature. Then, we will send you another email with your paper attached. There we will write our overall impressions of the paper and, if applicable, explain our comments and/or answer your questions in more detail. You are always welcome to email us back with additional questions or comments!

When will I receive a response?
Once we receive your paper and your specific request, it is our goal to send a response within 48 business hours. For example:

  • If you send in a paper on Monday at 5pm, you will receive a response by Wednesday at 5pm.
  • If you send in a paper on Friday at 5pm, you will receive a response by Tuesday at 5pm.

If you have more questions, send us an email at WritingCenter@swbts.edu.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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