General Information

Often, parents and campers have many questions about the details of summer camps. It is important to have such information in order to understand how the camp experience will benefit each camper.

In order to make the camp experience more enjoyable, we have attempted to answer questions that you may have about participation. You may find answers to many common questions by following the general information links provided on the left side of this page.


Camp participants will be housed in Southwestern’s dormitories. For all campers, roommates will be assigned unless a participant designates a roommate on the registration form. We cannot guarantee all campers will be roomed with the individual he/she requests; however, we do our best to honor all requests. Most dorm rooms will accommodate two campers, though there are a limited number of rooms that will accommodate three.

Camp Counselors will oversee campers while in the dormitories, and participants will be required to be in rooms at designated times. All Camp Counselors will be trained in all building and campus policies. As well, background checks will be performed for all Camp Counselors.

Please schedule your arrivals and departures to coordinate with camp start and end times. We are unable to host campers prior to and following the scheduled camp dates.


Meals will be provided in campus dining halls. All meals will be scheduled at regular times throughout the day. On occasion, campers will participate in extra meals such as pizza or hamburger parties. Vending machines will be available in most buildings outside of scheduled meals.


Recreational opportunities are available during evening hours. Activities range from sports to movies. Swimming, basketball, volleyball, racquetball and other such sports are offered during recreation hours at the Southwestern recreational facilities. Evening activities include movies, game nights, and other organized events supervised by camp counselors. Note: Apart from campus recreational activities, most evening activities are not covered by the camp tuition, and campers should bring extra money for these activities.

Music Camp Staff

The camp staff consists of Southwestern music faculty, administrative staff, students and counselors selected from the student body within the School of Church Music. Counseling staff members are carefully selected from among the most responsible and mature students enrolled in graduate and undergraduate degrees at Southwestern. The faculty will guide all aspects of lessons, master classes, and chamber music. All staff members are instructed in matters of supervising young people who are our guests at camp.

  • Dr. Leo Day, administrator / voice
  • Dr. David Robinson, voice
  • Dr. Angela Cofer, voice
  • Miss Nataliya Bolgar, voice
  • Mr. John Green, voice
  • Mr. Ron Montgomery, voice
  • Dr. Robert Smith, piano
  • Dr. Jill Sprenger, piano
  • Dr. Hana Park, piano
  • Mrs. Moira Hopfe-Ostensen, piano
  • Dr. Yoon-Mi Lim, organ
  • Mr. Jeff Brummel, organ
  • Dr. Jerry Aultman, organ & music theory
  • Dr. William Colson, music theory
  • Dr. Chris Teichler, music theory
  • Dr. John Simons, worship
  • Dr. David Thye, choral

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