What to bring to camp

For the safety of your belongings, please mark all items with your name and home address.


  1. A recording device to have a record of your lessons after camp
  2. Any music you might want to practice, étude books, vocal solos, etc.
  3. Accessories and supplies
  4. Pencils


  1. Lessons, classes, and rehearsals: casual clothes (be comfortable) but very modest
  2. Recreation and free time: swim suits *ONE-PIECE SWIM SUIT (cut-offs not allowed in pool), beach towel, sportswear, etc.
  3. Performance: Sunday dress clothes. Suit and ties for men / Knee length or longer dresses or skirts for women / Ladies: when in doubt please cover up all extremities / Ladies: no flats are to be worn during performances.
  4. During the week we suggest comfortable walking shoes – we do not recommend flip-flop style shoes as many students may develop blisters or other injuries

Supplies Necessary for Dormitory

  1. Extra-long twin sheets, blanket, pillow, and pillow case
  2. Bath towels, flip-flops for shower, wash cloth, soap, and other toiletries
  3. You may wish to bring a small fan.

Medical Care

For life or death emergencies call 911 to notify the Campus Security at (817) 923-1921 X4357 [HELP] as well as designated Camp Counselors immediately. For all other medical emergencies call only Campus Security (817) 923-1921 X4357 [HELP].

Medical care will be available 8:00am – 5:00pm from the Campus Clinic for all students residing in the dormitory and available to all students while on campus. Medical care will be available 8:00am – 5:00pm from the Campus Clinic for all students attending the camp. Our Campus Clinic will be used in cases of minor scrapes and bruises. All other emergencies will be handled by our local ER.

In cases when a camper is referred by the Campus Clinic to outside medical facilities (medical laboratories, x-ray facilities, etc.), the medical expense will be charged to the parent or guardian.

All parents will need to sign a release and treat agreement form for campers who may need the Emergency Room.

If a camper has an ongoing medical condition the parents should notify the camp office at the beginning of camp with specific care directives for the camper. 


  1. Campers may bring small electronic devices and a softball glove.
  2. Money: bring extra money for free time evening activities. Campers may want to bring money for cokes, snacks, souvenirs, a movie, etc.
  3. Internet access will be available during the camp.
  4. It is recommended that campers do not bring excess amounts of cash to camp. Bring only what is needed for vending machines, a movie ticket, etc. Given that the Seminary is Christian school which fosters a Christian environment, all movies will be age appropriate.

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