Please read the following policies carefully
and make yourself thoroughly familiar with them:


Schedules for private lessons are very tightly organized.  We ask, therefore, that you make every effort to have your child at the private lesson for which he/ she is scheduled and to arrive promptly.  In the interest of safety, each child should be taken to and picked up directly from the teacher. 

No make-up lessons will be given.  However, you may make an arrangement to switch your child’s lesson time with another student in your teacher’s studio.  Students should refer to the Academy Activities Calendar or String Events Calendar for dates related to lessons.

Our school is on a semester system (14 weeks), and no part of the tuition can be returned for students who drop in the middle of the semester.  If a student who is on the monthly payment plan wishes to drop, the student must pay the difference for the number of the weeks he or she has received lessons.

Practice Expectations

Since musical study is the development of both aural and physical skills, regular, adequate practice time is crucial.  Beginning students are expected to follow the teacher’s guidelines for practice, beginning with perhaps twenty minutes twice a day.  Practice should quickly be increased to one hour a day as skills develop. 

Practice is considered “homework” and should be viewed as such by both student and parent.  It is the responsibility of the parent to see that the student develops a daily practice routine.  It is the responsibility of the student to adhere to the guidelines set forth by the teacher for practicing specific skills and repertoire.

A student who repeatedly comes to lessons unprepared should re-evaluate his/ her commitment to lessons.

Purchase of Music

Parents will be informed when the student needs new music.  The name of the book and the cost will also be given.  The parents can choose to pick up the music themselves or pay the teacher in advance to order the music for them.


There are two payment options.

  1. Full Payment Plan
  2. Monthly Payment Plan

Tuition is to be paid in advance on the first week of each month.  A lock box outside of Cowden 101 is available for your convenience.

Only checks, money orders, or cashier’s checks, made payable to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, are accepted.  A late fee of $15.00 will be charged after the 7th of each month.  The lesson fee for missed lessons will not be returned. 

For students entering in the middle of the semester, the tuition will be prorated according to the number of remaining lessons for the semester.

Recitals and Performance Opportunities

Two formal annual recitals for students are planned for December and May.  In addition, a more casual “Creative Concert” takes place in the fall, and a master class opportunity is also available for intermediate and advanced students in the spring.  Students generally play one or two pieces at these recitals, and parents, relatives, and friends are cordially invited to attend.  The recitals are given in Reynolds Auditorium of Cowden Hall (School of Church Music).  Each May we travel to a local nursing home for a community outreach concert to share our music with those no longer able to attend live music events.  Please refer to the Academy Activities Calendar or Strings Events Calendar for exact dates.

Occasionally other opportunities for performance will arise during the year in the form of festivals or recitals sponsored by the Fort Worth Music Teachers Association.  If your child is asked to perform in these events, please encourage them to do so.  Some of these events require a nominal entrance fee.  You will be advised at the time regarding payment of such fees.

Group Classes

Academy students are strongly encouraged to enhance their study with music theory work.  As such, two theory review group classes are offered each semester (please check the Academy Activities Calendar or String Events Calendar for exact dates)  leading to a student’s choice of taking the in-house theory test offered each May, or the official Whitlock State Theory Test in February. 

Parent Visits

Parents are welcome to visit their children’s private lessons.  Parents are encouraged to maintain close contact with the teacher, and may call the teacher at any time if questions arise.  Your child’s progress is important to us, and we anticipate working together to provide your child with quality music education.

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