Practice Hints for Parents

Children engaged in piano lessons generally really want to learn to play the piano well.  However, with most children, there will usually arise a time when practicing just doesn’t seem as enjoyable as lessons or classes.  It is helpful, then, if parents have some ideas of how to help their children establish effective practice habits. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Sit down with your child and look at his/her schedule together. Choose a set time every day for your child to practice. Insist that this practice time be honored. 

  2. Provide a practice setting free of distractions such as television, telephone, or interruptions from siblings.

  3. Check your child’s assignment sheet at the beginning of the week to see the teacher’s comments and assignments for the week.

  4. Check on your child’s practice progress during the week. Make sure the child has been accurately recording the amount of practice time each day.

  5. Sign the practice sheet when the week’s practice is completed.

  6. Make sure your child finishes all written assignments and is prepared for each class and lesson.

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