Southern Baptist Theology in the Late Twentieth Century

Volume 54, No. 2 Spring 2012

The Southern Baptist Convention at the end of the twentieth century was characterized by growth in mission and excitement over theology. The growth in mission was represented in the evangelistic aspirations expressed in the Bold Mission Thrust adopted by the convention. The excitment over theology was recaptiulated in the report of the Peace Committee led by Chrles G. Fuller and adopted by the convention. This issue of the Southwestern Journal of Theology (SWJT) focuses on that second aspect of Southern Baptist life in the latter half of the twentieth century, our theology.

Table of Contents
  • Editorial
  • Southern Baptist Theology in the Twentieth Century: A Denomination Coming of Age
  • Herschel Harold Hobbs: Pastoral and Denominational Expositor-Theologian
  • From Denominational Statesman to Rejected Leader; From Neglected Author to Recovered Author?
  • Theological Drift--World War II-1979
  • Roping the Whirlwind--A Renaissance Plan
  • To Rejoice or Not--An Assessment
  • Book Reviews

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