Scripture, Culture, and Missions

Volume 55, No. 1 Fall 2012

This issue of the Southwestern Journal of Theology (SWJT) focuses on the relationship between Scripture, culture, and missions. Many scholars today are discussing the need to contextualize the presentation of the gospel and the way that we do ministry. Jesus gave believers his Great Commission and sent the church on mission (Matt 28:19-20; John 20:21). Contextualization considers the culture into which the gospel is proclaimed and tries to remove unnecessary stumbling blocks to communicating the good news of salvation. The subject of contextualization, however, gives rise to many questions concerning why and how the church engages in mission. For instance, what role does Scripture play in contextualization? What forms and strategies should believers use as they are engaged in mission? Should they contextualize at all? If so, how far is too far? How far is far enough? How should Christians understand culture? Who should contextualize? What principles or values should be used in contextualization? How can one ensure that the gospel enters the culture and does not become diluted by the culture?

Table of Contents
  • Editorial
  • A Biblical Theology of Missions and Contextualization
  • Global Choices for Twenty-First Century Christians: Bringing Clarity to Missional Theology
  • Proclaiming the Changless Truth in These Changing Times
  • Encountering Culture in Light of the Book of Daniel
  • Scriptura or Cultura: Is There a Sola in There?
  • Did Cape Town 2010 Correct the "Edinburgh Error"? A Preliminary Analysis
  • Inroduction to McGavran's Thoughts on the Church and Denominations
  • The Church, the Denominations, and the Body
  • Wrinkling Time in the Missionary Task: A Theological Review of Church Planting Movements Methodology
  • Review Essay (Part 1): John Calvin on the Death of Christ and the Reformation's Forgotten Doctrine of Universal Vicarious Satisfaction: A review and Critique of Tom Nettles' Chapter in Whomever He Wills
  • Review Essay of Whosever Will
  • Book Reviews

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