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Historical Theology

Volume 57, No. 2 - Spring 2015

Historical Theology

Managing Editor: Terry L. Wilder

This issue of the Southwestern Journal of Theology is devoted to the topic of “Historical Theology.” The benefits of studying history are many. It can be of tremendous assistance to us in the present day. For example, history helps us to understand and gain perspective on our current situation and thinking. It can answer questions like: “How did we get to where we are now?” “Where did that idea or line of thought originate?” “From what tradition did that opinion stem?” In other words, history provides us with fresh insights from past knowledge as we evaluate and make sense of our present. History also helps us learn not to repeat the mistakes of the past and enables us to see how people long ago met challenges and dealt with the crises, problems, and obstacles that came their way. History is especially valuable when studying theology because it gives us a look at the specific contexts in which theologies were created, developed, and defined. This describes historical theology.

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Table of Contents
  • Editorial - Terry L. Wilder
  • Early English Baptists’ View of the Lord’s Supper - W. Madison Grace II
  • Christopher Blackwood: Exemplar of the Seventeenth-Century  - Malcolm B. Yarnell III
  • Andrew Fuller and the Doctrine of Revelation  - Andrew J. Spencer
  • History or Revisionist History? How Calvinistic Were the Overwhelming Majority of Baptists and Their Confessions in the South until the Twentieth Century?  - Steve W. Lemke
  • Easter Celebration in Seventh-Century Britain: Resolving Conflict within the Church  - Rodney H. Orr and Shane Angland
  • The Lifespans of the EB-MB Patriarchs: A Hermeneutical and Historical Conundrum  - Eugene H. Merrill
  • Does God Own a Death Star? The Destruction of the Cosmos in 2 Peter 3:1-13  - Matthew Y. Emerson
  • Book Reviews
  • Abstracts of Recent Dissertations at Southwestern
  • Index of Book Reviews

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