About Southwestern Seminary Foundation

Southwestern Seminary Foundation (SSF) was established in October 2007 when it was decided that Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary would like to exercise greater influence in the investing of the seminary’s endowed funds. At that time, a Board of Trustees consisting of seven men was appointed by the seminary’s Board of Trustees to oversee the investing of the SSF endowments. In August of 2009, SSF enlisted the services of a capable and long established investment-consulting firm to advise in the areas of asset allocation and manager selection. With this new partnership, SSF is confidently moving forward as it manages the financial future of Southwestern and its annuitants with perceptive and faithful stewardship.

Southwestern Seminary Foundation
Post Office Box 22100
Fort Worth, TX 76122
office: 817-923-1921, ext. 7255
fax: 817-921-8849

Established 1908 Fort Worth, Texas