Frequently Asked Questions

How are students chosen? 
May and December graduates are sent an e-mail explaining Dressed for Service and an application to return.  Men may nominate their wives.  Any female student or student wife may apply.
How much does it cost to sponsor a student? 
Each student outfit varies but averages between $350-$500. Giving is flexible to allow you to donate throughout the year, either before or after the shopping trip. You can also choose to give a certain amount each month until the cost of the outfit is covered. Any leftover funds will be used to sponsor another student.
What if I can only give a small amount? 
That’s wonderful! Every little bit helps. The Dressed for Service fund collects any money remaining after one student’s outfit has been purchased and uses it to help sponsor another student. If you sell jewelry or accessories and would like to make donations, you can do that as well.
I cannot assist financially at this time. Are there other ways I can help your ministry?
Not all of our financial supporters have the time or energy to go shopping. Please pray about donating your time to take one of our students to pick out her outfit.
Do I have to go shopping? 
No. If you do not have the time or energy to go shopping, other ladies will go with the Women's Auxiliary coordinator and student to do the shopping.
What is the deadline for giving? 
You can give throughout the year to this wonderful endeavor.  If you want to sponsor a student yourself, you can give $25 a month until you cover the cost of the outfit.  You can pay before or after the shopping trip and the Women in Service coordinator will let you know the total for the purchases.
Gifts are tax deductible. Write your check to Southwestern Seminary. If any money is left over, it will go into the Dressed for Service account to sponsor other ladies.
I have a friend who may be interested in Dressed for Service. How can you help me?
If you would like to introduce a friend to Dressed for Service, send her contact information to Karen Collett.

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