From recipients of Women's Auxiliary Scholarships and Ministers' Wives Scholarships:

“I want to thank Women's Auxiliary ministry partners who invest in the hearts and minds of students like me. Beyond meeting an immediate financial need, your gifts enable us to communicate the riches of God's grace to the next generation.”

Katie McCoy
Women's Auxiliary Scholarship Recipient

“The Women's Auxiliary scholarship has been a concrete testimony of the Lord's provision for and affirmation of His calling upon my life. I and my family and church family have been profoundly thankful for the generosity and vision of those who make these scholarships possible. These gifts magnify the Lord's faithfulness, bringing immeasurable honor to Christ's name.”

Tamra Hernandez
Women's Auxiliary Scholarship Recipient

“Being a recipient of the Mary French Priscilla Scholarship has been such a blessing in my life! This scholarship has uniquely enabled me to grow in both my roles as wife and student. Through this program and other ministries, I have come to firmly believe that no other seminary has a Women's Auxiliary so completely able to minister to and meet the needs of its women!”

Katie Fruge
Mary French Priscilla Scholarship Recipient

From participants in Widows' Might:

“When I heard about the start up of Southwestern Widows' Might ministry I was excited because I knew it was a way to support the seminary with prayer and to provide an outlet for other widows like me to get together to discuss our mutual concerns. This has helped me to see that all widows go through the same things at different times, and I have seen how God is faithful to each of us.”

Delores Hayley, Bedford, TX

“Southwestern Widows' Might is not just about meeting my needs as a widow; I am encouraged to minister, too. Each time I visit Southwestern, I am met with friendly, caring staff and students. I am always sad to leave.”

Judy Stone, Cedar Park, TX

“God bless! I love what you are doing at Southwestern and want to help.”

Sharon Edwards, Austin, TX

From recipients in Dressed for Service:

“Being in ministry has meant a lot of financial sacrifice, but it is such a joy to see how God continues to meet our every need through ministries like Dressed for Service. Thank you for loving us in such a tangible way.”

Holly Neely, Wylie, TX

“I want to thank Southwestern Women's Auxiliary for the wonderful experience and blessing my wife received through Dressed for Service. This program, its facilitators and benefactors are truly building up treasure in Heaven! Thank you, and to God be the glory and honor!”

Tom Snethen, Aledo, TX

“Dressed for Service was so encouraging, not just materially, but spiritually as well. How humbling it is to be so truly blessed by those I've never met, yet who care so much! A true picture of Christ in us.”

Alice Goncharenko, Midway, TX

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