Going the Second Mile

Going the Second Mile is an evangelism initiative designed to share the Gospel with each of the households within the second mile radius of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. In 2012, teams completed the task of sharing the Gospel with every home in a 1-mile radius.  The initiative involves door-to-door, personal evangelism by teams of seminary students and professors. Everyone is called upon for this Great Commission task.

How can I be involved?

Stop by the Office of Student Services, Fleming 109, to receive a map with a section of houses to visit. Gospel tracts and door hangers will be provided for you to use. Teams of two or three are recommended.

As you visit homes, make every effort to have personal contact with someone at the home. If no one is home, leave a door hanger. If someone is home, engage him or her in conversation and share the Gospel.

Record the outcome of your visit to each house on the map and return it to the the Office of Student Services, Fleming 109.

For more information, contact the Office of Student Services at 817.923.1921 ext. 7300.

Weekly Evangelism Opportunities - Fall 2015

Day Time Leader Place to Meet Contact
Even Dated Mondays 1-3 pm John Massey F-209B jmassey@swbts.edu
817.923.1921 ext. 6490
Tuesdays 11:30am-12:30pm Matthew McKellar Rotunda mmckellar@swbts.edu 
817.923.1921 ext. 4490
  11:30am-12:30pm Vern Charette Rotunda vcharette@swbts.edu 
817.923.1921 ext. 4580
  1-3 pm Lance Rogers F-215 lance.rogers@email.swbts.edu 
  3:30-6 pm Dean Sieberhagen WMC dsieberhagen@swbts.edu 
817.923.1921 ext. 6440
Even Dated Tuesdays 2:30-3:30pm Eric Mitchell F-207 emitchell@swbts.edu
817.923.1921 ext. 6735
3rd Tuesdays 4-6 pm Kyle Walker NSC-113 kwalker@swbts.edu
817.923.1921 ext. 3901
Wednesdays 12:30-3 pm Ariel Lee F-215 alee@swbts.edu
817.923.1921 ext. 4335
Thursdays 2:30-4:30pm Michael Wilson S-206 mwilson@swbts.edu
817.923.1921 ext. 6895
  4-6 pm Brandon Kiesling F-215 bkiesling@swbts.edu
817.923.1921 ext. 6476
  4-6 pm Matt Queen F-215 mqueen@swbts.edu
817.923.1921 ext. 6480
  4-6 pm Ryan Stokes F-215 rstokes@swbts.edu
817.923.1921 ext. 4560
  4-6 pm Thomas Kiker F-215 tkiker@swbts.edu
817.923.1921 ext. 4555
  4-6 pm Charles Stewart F-215 cstewart@swbts.edu
  4-6 pm Beau Brewer F-215 bbrewer@swbts.edu
817.923.1921 ext. 6400
  4-6 pm Madison Grace F-215 mgrace@swbts.edu
817.923.1921 ext. 4520
Fridays 3-5 pm Mike Morris F-202 jmorris@swbts.edu
817.923.1921 ext. 6470
  3-5 pm Keith Eitel F-202 keitel@swbts.edu
817.923.1921 ext. 6410

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