Hey, God, I’m Zach

FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) –Laura Baskin knew she would enjoy the sights and sounds of the Big Apple when she and the rest of the Master Chorale at Southwestern Seminary made a special trip to New York City in May, debuting works by her professors. Yet, she and two other girls from the Chorale—Hilary Hogan and Kennedy Matthias—also ended up welcoming a new brother, Zach, into the Kingdom when he accepted Christ in the middle of Times Square.
Baskin and the other girls first met Zach as a face in a crowd of people promoting a comedy club in Times Square. The men filled the sidewalk, talking to passersby and handing out fliers, and were largely dismissive of Baskin and her friends.
Zach, on the other hand, gave Baskin time to share with him. Baskin introduced herself, took him through the “Romans Road” Gospel presentation, and showed him from Scripture his spiritual condition and how he, like everyone, needed a Savior from his sin.
Hogan and Matthias joined Baskin in talking with him about the Gospel, and everyone seemed surprised when he wanted to pray, including, it seemed, Zach himself.
“He stopped short once and said, ‘Wow. This is so weird.’ I said ‘Well, you’re already talking about Jesus in the middle of Times Square, so how much weirder can this get?’ It was really funny,” Baskin says.
His genuine response left an impression on Baskin.
“It was the most beautiful prayer ever. He said, ‘Hey God, I’m Zach. I want to make you the Lord of my life. I want you to guide me. Thank you for your death, thank you for your resurrection.’ It was everything we had told him about Jesus; he said in his prayer that he was thankful for and that he wanted it all to happen to him.”
The girls gave him a hug, snapped a picture, and put him in contact with a local Christian whom one of the girls knew. Baskin believes this event punctuated a change God began in her several months earlier.
“God laid it on my heart this last semester to evangelize,” Baskin says. “Back in February when we had our concert with Steve Green, the Lord laid it on my heart to pray for the New York trip, and so I have been praying for it for months, just that He would open up opportunities.”
God responded and Baskin shared the Gospel with a Hindu man on the plane, another man who believed the world was ending on May 21, and a girl who the group found crying in a pew at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, a Staten Island landmark.
Baskin’s experience reminder her of God’s activity, both in New York and in her heart.
“Prayer is so powerful. If you pray over things, then God responds,” said Baskin. “I even felt a change in the choir and [conductor and professor David] Thye, too. I was just praying that we would see the trip as an evangelistic opportunity, and it was awesome.”

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