New study Bible written by women for women speaks to today’s issues

New study Bible written by women for women speaks to today’s issues

FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – Titus 2 encourages spiritually mature women to teach and mentor young women in their faith. Dorothy Kelley Patterson, professor of theology in women’s studies at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, continues to take that charge to heart as general editor of The Study Bible for Women, released in February from Holman Bible Publishers.

This study Bible is unique in that it is written by women for women with special attention to passages of interest to women.

“Scripture provides all you need for ‘life and godliness,’ and The Study Bible for Women is the perfect tool for discovering this provision,” Patterson says in the introduction.

Patterson, wife of Southwestern Seminary President Paige Patterson, led the all-women team of scholars across generations trained in biblical languages and theology. Rhonda Harrington Kelley, adjunct professor and wife of President Charles Kelley at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, served as managing editor.

In 1995, Patterson and Kelley led the editorial team for The Woman’s Study Bible, published by Thomas Nelson, which has sold 1.5 million copies in the two decades since.

With The Study Bible for Women the two have built on their seasoned experience, theological training, and decades of ministry to women to create a new resource that speaks to the issues and concerns faced by women today.

In fact, this study Bible is the third in a trilogy of biblical resources—which also includes The Women’s Evangelical Commentary on the New Testament and The Women’s Evangelical Commentary on the Old Testament—that Patterson and Kelley helped create for women.

“All three volumes should be on the desk of women serious about Bible study and teaching, but the study Bible is a volume that can be the companion for a woman wherever she may go—a virtual library of information at her fingertips,” Patterson says.

Tim Jordan of B&H Publishing considers The Study Bible for Women “a substantive resource that provides women a variety of tools for reading, understanding, and applying God’s Word in their lives.” He also says it “equips women to unlock the riches of God’s Word for themselves and to teach others to do so.”

“We care deeply about high biblical fidelity,” Jordan says. “You can trust the content of this study Bible.”

The study Bible, which features the full text of the Holman Christian Standard Bible, includes an introduction for each book of the Bible, highlighting themes, outlining the book, and placing the book in its historical context and timeline. Throughout the pages, margins also highlight important truths and provide insights on difficult passages. At the end of each book is a devotional word of application for women, encouraging readers to allow the Holy Spirit to write the truths of Scripture on their hearts.

Woven throughout the study Bible are explanations of foundational doctrines, profiles of biblical women, discussions of biblical womanhood, helpful word studies, and answers to hard questions prompted by Scripture.

“The godly woman will seek to conform her beliefs and behavior to Scripture, not pick and choose what Scripture is most agreeable to her own desires,” Patterson says. “Attentiveness to the Word of God, willingness to explore its depths, and eagerness to meet and fellowship with its divine Author will inspire your readiness to become a wise woman whose life is securely built on the rock of doing whatever the Lord says.”

The Study Bible for Women was formally introduced, April 9, during Southwestern Seminary’s chapel service in MacGorman Chapel. An autograph session after the service featured Patterson, Kelley, and members of the editorial committee.

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