Operation Multiplication set for mid-September

Operation Multiplication with evangelist Billy Hanks will take place at the Center for Leadership Development on the campus of Southwestern Seminary Sept. 16 -17. Hanks said he hopes the multiplication system will bring about world-wide evangelism in one generation.

“For centuries, we have added members to our congregations,” Hanks said in an Operation Multiplication promotional video. “But all too often, we have failed at a very important responsibility: we have not shown them how to share their witness and multiply.”

Hanks is convinced that this lack of training has stunted world evangelization. “In many countries … which were once evangelized, now there are very few Christians,” he said.

Taking its cue from Paul’s relationship with Timothy, Operation Multiplication challenges Christians to teach the gospel to new believers through mentoring relationships, with the goal that new believers will then continue this process.  Hanks’ International Evangelical Association estimates that a person who disciples one other person every six months, and teaches them to do the same, will effectively reach more than 1 million people in 20 years.

Operation Multiplication is a relational approach to evangelism. According to the IEA Web site, “personal follow-up and one-to-one discipleship training are at the very heart of effective new member assimilation. Each Christ-centered friendship functions like a tutor pointing the way to the many other equipping and educational ministries of the church.”

Hanks graduated from Southwestern Seminary in 1971. Since then, he has become internationally known for his work in evangelism. At this conference, he will be joined by music leader Randy Craig.

The Operation Multiplication conference has two parts. The Sept. 16 session will focus on teaching pastors and church staff members how to implement Operation Multiplication in their churches. The cost is $88 per person. The Sept. 17 session is open to everyone. The cost is $55, although seminary students can attend for $35.  For more information, call 877.474.GROW, or go to www.swbts.edu/conferences.

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