Southwestern Seminary professor presents paper at Cambridge University

HOUSTON, Texas (SWBTS) -While in England this summer, James Hamilton, assistant professor of Biblical studies at Southwestern Seminary’s J. Dalton Havard School for Theological Studies in Houston, presented a paper to members of the Tyndale Fellowship’s Biblical Theology Study Group in Cambridge.

Presenting the paper, which discusses typology in Isaiah and its fulfillment in Matthew’s account of Christ’s conception by Mary, gave Hamilton the opportunity to submit his research to a group of scholars “so they could critique my thinking and we could be sharpened together.”

Hamilton first had to submit the paper, titled “The Virgin Will Conceive,” as a proposal to the Tyndale group. He said it was an “honor” for the group to accept the paper and allow him to present it July 7.

Hamilton said the Cambridge scholars received him well. He said one scholar even told him that there is usually one paper that makes attending the meeting worthwhile. “This year, he said mine was that paper,” Hamilton said.

While sharing the gospel at the presentation was not a prime concern since everyone in attendance is connected to evangelical higher learning in England, Hamilton said the Tyndale Fellowship provides encouragement to people who have confessional commitments as they “rejoice in the fact that adherence to a statement of faith does not require the deactivation of the mind.”

Denny Autrey, dean of the Havard School, was not surprised that Hamilton’s paper was selected by the Cambridge group. “We are grateful that Dr. Hamilton has been chosen for this honor,” Autrey said. “He is considered to be one of the brightest young evangelical scholars of the day and we are delighted that he is one of our resident faculty members in Houston.”

While Hamilton would relish the opportunity to present his scholarship before the fellowship again in the future, he said his prayer is that he contributed “a God-honoring, thought stimulating, faithful piece of scholarship. Hopefully the essay will be published, either in a collection of essays or in a journal.”

Hamilton’s paper can be viewed and downloaded at

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