A baby named ‘Miracle’

FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – Anna and Keith Jones* welcomed their little girl in a miraculous way, June 27, when their baby was born breach in their little apartment in Student Village. Anna said the story surrounding their daughter’s birth has become a great way to share with others about the power of God to deliver in times of need.
“What I really want to put across when talking about Sayani is how much it is all about the power of prayer,” says Anna, who along with her husband were able to share the Gospel with doctors and nurses using her delivery as a starting point.
Originally from Nagaland, Anna and her husband are currently involved in church planting and hope to return home to plant churches after they complete seminary. Whether in matters of spiritual birth or physical birth, they have learned to trust God in prayer.
“That is how we do anything, is through prayer, and it is the same with this,” she said of Sayani’s birth.
When Anna’s doctor scheduled a C-section for July 7 and told her she should plan for a difficult pregnancy, she committed the issue to God in prayer and asked friends to pray for her family and her baby. She felt very peaceful about the situation and knew definitively that God would take care of her, even to the point of passing on doctor’s appointments and procedures to turn Sayani in her womb.
The couple came home after church on Sunday afternoon, and Jones started having contractions in the bathroom. Before the ambulance arrived, Keith helped her deliver their daughter, who was born breach on their bathroom floor.
Anna stayed in the hospital several days to recover, and during that time she and Keith were able to share the Gospel with the doctors and nurses. Anna said one veteran nurse, who has worked in her field for more than 20 years, told her she had never seen a baby that was born breach so healthy. Keith was then able to witness to the nurse about the reality of a God who hears prayers.
Anna said it is also fitting that their daughter is named Sayani, which means ‘miracle’ in the Jones’ heart language.
*names changed for security

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