Education school faculty and alumni to present at AACC world conference

FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – Faculty members and alumni from Southwestern Seminary’s School of Educational Ministries will conduct workshops at the world conference of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) in Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 16-19.

The AACC is an evangelical organization with nearly 50,000 members worldwide. Past world conferences have drawn as many as 7,000 participants, including church leaders, pastors, doctors, and licensed, pastoral and lay counselors. This year’s world conference, with the theme of “Grace and Truth,” will be hosted at Nashville’s Opryland Hotel.

To see a full listing of the workshops and to learn more about the AACC world conference, visit their Web site at Faculty members and alumni from the education school’s division of psychology and counseling who are contributing to the conference include:

Ian Jones (professor of psychology and counseling), presenting “Biblical Counseling in the Historical Church.” He is also a track leader for the Biblical Foundations & Spiritual Formation track.

Scott Floyd (professor of psychology and counseling), presenting “Trauma & Spirituality: How Trauma Impacts Spiritual Functioning & Spiritual Interventions for Trauma Survivors.”

Mike McGuire (associate professor of psychology and counseling), presenting “Rethinking Emotions for Christian Counseling.”
Elias Moitinho (assistant professor of psychology and counseling), presenting “A Fiasco or a Fiesta? Essentials for Counseling Hispanic/Latino Clients Effectively.”
Shannon Wolf (PhD, 2008), presenting “Counseling Families of the Sexually Assaulted.”

Anne Gifford (DEdMin, 2009), presenting “Starting a Church Support Group Ministry for those with an Incarcerated Loved One.”

Terry Hargrave (MAMFC, 1986), presenting “Boomers on the Edge: Three Life Changing Issues.”

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