Founder’s Day Chapel

Southwestern Seminary celebrated 100 years in Fort Worth, Texas, during its Founder’s Day chapel services, March 11. Although the seminary was founded by B.H. Carroll in Waco, Texas, in 1908, it was moved to its current location in Fort Worth in 1910.
“On March 2, 1910, 100 years ago this month a contract was signed to build Fort Worth Hall,” Craig Blaising, executive vice president and provost, said. “It is 100 years later. This is our Fort Worth centennial. … And in just a few days, construction is going to begin on campus again for our chapel.”
“As essential as buildings are,” Blaising said, “the dream of the seminary is not essentially its buildings and the facilities. … But the dream is what takes place in and through this campus.” The vision of the seminary since its beginning has been “to get the Gospel to every soul in Texas, the Southwest, to the nation and to the ends of the world. … We are called to the fulfillment of the Great Commission.”
During this chapel service, President Paige Patterson also continued his sermon series in “the Gospel according to Ruth,” as he put it. After considering Ruth 3:7-18, Patterson encouraged students to wait for the appointed timing of God no matter how bad circumstances might appear: “If you’ll just wait, then God will come. You wait on Him, and for (His timing), and God is going to come. Don’t you despair.”
At the end of the chapel service, the seminary displayed its passion for the Great Commission by praying for 56 students who ventured across the nation to preach revival services in more than 20 states during Spring Break, March 14-17. Many of these preachers knelt around the stage in front of Truett auditorium as Patterson commissioned them to service and prayed over them.
“Dear Precious Lord, how I do thank you for these men,” Patterson prayed. “As they stand to preach, some of them three times, some of them four, I pray that you would honor from heaven the desires of their hearts. Lord, they have felt the call of God, and there is a fire in their bones and they can’t keep silent. … I pray that you would especially anoint every one of these men that when the people just look at them they will say, ‘There goes a real man of God.’”

Established 1908 Fort Worth, Texas