Grindstone: ‘Men and Women Naturally Incompatible’

FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – Approximately 85 students received intriguing perspectives and biblical advice from fellow Southwesterners at the first Grindstone, titled “Should I Date, Court, or What?” on Sept. 10.
“Both men and women, generally speaking, are incompatible,” said theology professor Ishwaran Mudliar, one of the panelists.

This ‘incompatibility’ is caused by men and women each having their own sin, he said. “There’s going to be adjustments, there’s going to be a lot of adjustments in marriage that have to be overcome, and a lot of it has to do with patience, self-control, sacrifice – those kinds of virtues that we should be working on before we get married.”

Reactions from students in both the seminary and college made it a lively session that united students from all age groups, backgrounds and marital statuses. Ryan Walling, student life coordinator for Southwestern, said this was the point of such an event.

The Grindstone, a forum designed to discuss theological topics of interest to students, will have a similar setup each time: a lineup of experts from Southwestern on one side and a large audience on the other, with an atmosphere casual enough to facilitate discussion.

In addition to a Q-and-A time at the end of the session, students took the opportunity to talk more candidly with the panelists after the event was over. A benefit for the Southwestern women who attended the Grindstone was the opportunity to interact with Joy White and Angie Yeats, wives of seminary professors.

Other professors on the panel included Richard Ross, creator of the ‘True Love Waits’ ministry campaign; Thomas White; and John Mark Yeats. Audio for the Grindstone is available on Southwestern’s Web site at

The Grindstone will be a monthly event, with the next installment and topic scheduled for Oct. 8 at 6 p.m.

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