Hough reaches men through man’s best friend

FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – A hunting dog named Prophet reminded Southwestern Seminary students and faculty to heed the Master’s call during chapel, Nov. 11.
“Ask the beast of the field and he will teach you,” said Prophet’s owner, Hank Hough, the founder of Kingdom Dog Ministries, referring his chapel audience to Job 12:7. Hough presented Prophet, a black Labrador retriever, as one such “beast of the field.” Through Kingdom Dog Ministries, Hough travels the country with Prophet and other well-trained dogs in order to win men to Christ through man’s best friend.
During chapel, Hough told students and faculty that the best dogs are always obedient to their masters, a point he displayed through shows of Prophet’s obedience. In the same way, God desires His children to heed His voice.
“I want you to be like this dog,” Hough said. “He didn’t come here to please you, entertain you or get your approval. He came here to serve me.” Likewise, believers should serve their Master.
Introducing Hough earlier in the chapel service, President Paige Patterson emphasized the importance of Hough’s unique ministry to men.
 “We live in the day of the marginalization of the American male,” Patterson said. “The feminist movement in America has taken a far greater toll in America than most people realize.” For example, the well-known Supreme Court ruling, Roe v. Wade, ruled that any woman can abort an unborn child without the agreement of the father.
“In spite of all the effort in the American society to marginalize the American male, it is still true that if you reach a man for Christ, you will reach the whole family,” Patterson said, urging students and faculty to support men’s ministry in the church.
To watch Hough’s presentation, visit www.swbts.edu/chapelarchives. To learn more about Kingdom Dog Ministries, access Hough’s website at www.kingdomdog.com.

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