Mother and two sons saved during ’Taking the Hill’ campaign

FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – James Henry, an advanced Master of Divinity student, had participated in “Taking the Hill” evangelism initiative before. However, this was the first time he was ever able to see lives immediately changed by the message he carried.
Henry, with classmate Nelson Fonseca, knocked on the door of one house and was greeted by a mother and her two young sons. The students shared the Gospel with the group and each of the three family members prayed to receive Christ.

Henry was particularly touched because the boys, 10 and 8, are the same ages as his two oldest sons. Henry encouraged the two young boys to share with other family members – an older brother and a younger sister. The boys’ mother said she would keep the New Testament in Spanish the students gave to her in order to share the Gospel with her husband.

“It’s just an amazing experience when you allow yourself to be open and to be used by God,” said Henry.

“Taking the Hill” – knocking on doors, talking to those who answer and presenting the Gospel to them – can be daunting because there’s always the feeling that no one will be interested or responsive, said Henry. The feeling was still there as he knocked on this family’s door, he recalled, but he was glad he moved past it.

He said this was a great way to wrap up his undergraduate time at Southwestern. In December, he and Fonseca received their degrees from the College at Southwestern.

Southwestern’s goal to present the Gospel to every house within a one-mile radius of the seminary continues during the spring semester. For more information, visit

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