New, expanded Women’s Programs Suite opens in Price Hall

FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – A new and improved suite for Women’s Programs opened in August to accommodate the growing presence the programs have at Southwestern. With the new suite, located just down and across the hall from the program’s former home in Price Hall, the number of Women’s Programs offices has doubled. 
Dean of Women’s Programs Terri Stovall says the number of programs for women has “exploded” in the past few years, leading to an increasing need for more space to house staff and faculty offices as well as space to plan and organize for ministry on and off campus.
“As we grow, we need the larger space just to keep the momentum of the excitement going on,” Stovall said.
Waylan Owens, dean of the Terry School of Church and Family Ministries in Price Hall, where Women’s Programs is located, said the need for the renovation and expansion is an exciting sign to him of the growth of Women’s Programs under the leadership of Stovall and the seminary’s president and first lady, Paige and Dorothy Patterson.
“As people see a program represented in a meaningful space, they begin to think differently—more positively—about the program,” Owens said. “I think it’s fabulous. The first thing I hope it helps is visibility. The location is in the center of the traffic pattern in our building.”
Stovall agreed that being more centrally located and easy to find will serve as a benefit to the program and Southwestern women.
“Because Women’s Programs crosses all schools, we needed something a little more visible,” Stovall said, explaining that Women’s Programs includes women studying in various disciplines of the seminary and college, as well as the programs offered to student wives.
The new suite includes an office for the dean and dean’s secretary, conference space, a workroom, and other offices. Stovall invites women to come, stop by and visit.
“We will still have coffee and chocolate,” Stovall said. “Come by for a cup of coffee or a cup of tea. We really want it to be a center of where women can—regardless of their program, regardless of whether they’re Women’s Studies or not—to be able to have a central place for Southwestern women to connect. It’s going to be a crossroads of all the programs and all the women, whether they’re a student wife, whether they’re a music student or a college student. If they’re a woman at Southwestern, we really want to be a resource for them.”

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