OMO kicks off semester with prayer for Zambia, then campout for Africa

One Magnificent Obsession (OMO) will resume its weekly meetings for praise, presentation and prayer for the nations on Sept. 2. Held every Friday evening at 7 p.m., OMO highlights a different nation each week.

Art Savage, associate director of the World Missions Center, said the ministry has flourished since its beginning in 2010.

“God’s blessed it,” he said. “I think God’s been pleased with this. It’s genuine and heartfelt prayer and praise for the nations. It’s simple. Nothing spectacular, nothing formal, but it has great meaning.”

OMO will focus on Zambia at its first gathering. Other people groups to be featured this semester include South Africa and South Sudan, Israel, USA, Hungary and Romania, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Japan, India and Nepal.

While not everyone will have the chance to go to all these countries to minister, Savage said, everyone can pray for the people and those who do go.

WMC coordinator Daeyoung Lee, who came up with the idea for OMO, said that sometimes the people leading OMO will bring ethnic food. Lee and Savage said presenters have brought everything from silkworms to crickets for OMO attendees to try.

The WMC will also hold the Skene Festival Sept. 9 at 6 p.m. on the lawn between the WMC and the library. The festival, which will focus on Africa this year, includes a campout open to anyone interested.

 Savage said registration is not mandatory but will help coordinators know how many people to prepare for, as the WMC will provide hot dogs and chips Friday evening.

“The idea behind it is to give up a little bit of our comfort to remember our missionaries and people in our 2+2 programs and to pray for students and IMB missionaries on the field,” Savage said.

Students will have a chance to form tribes, make their own face paint and take pictures with a mounted African animal during this year’s festival. Children will go on a safari hunt on the campus, as well.

Savage said if anyone does not have a tent, there will likely be some available to use.

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