Professor calls for more education on evolution

FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – Mike Keas, professor of the history and philosophy of science in the College at Southwestern, urged the Texas State Board of Education to open the way for more discussion of Darwinism in public schools, Jan. 21.

“In light of the history of science, Texas should pursue a policy that enables students to learn more about evolution, not less,” Keas said. He encouraged the board to preserve the language of a 20-year-old policy requiring teachers to examine both the “strengths and weaknesses” of scientific theories. He noted that even Charles Darwin, in the Origin of Species, called scientists to consider arguments that speak both for and against the various aspects of his theory. Keas said in an interview that he believes “the evidence against Darwinism is quite devastating.”

In what Keas called a “small step backwards,” the board of education voted to remove the “strengths and weaknesses” statement from their policy. On the other hand, they specifically listed various aspects of evolutionary theory in a new statement requiring teachers to “analyze and evaluate” scientific theories.

Beyond his role in the College, Keas has developed teaching materials for the supplementary science textbook, Explore Evolution. He has also conducted workshops that prepare teachers to handle hot topics like Darwinism in public schools and universities.

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