RAC wins again in dodge ball tourney event to kick-off semester

FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) –Fence-rattling action characterized the 2012 Spring Kickoff dodge ball tournament, Jan. 20, where the RAC team collected yet another victory, having won the fall tournament, as well. Other student, staff and faculty teams did not leave the court easily though but gave the audience of about 250 a thrilling show of high-energy jumping, leaping, ducking and, of course, dodging.
Teams showed their spirit and style on court in a smorgasbord of ways. Some wore overalls, some played with Red Bull in hand, some wore intimidating uniforms of all black and Vice President for Strategic Initiatives Jason Duesing even sported a bow-tie with his head-to–toe camouflage duds.
The fun spilled over into the rest of the RAC, too, with jump houses for the kids, fair-style booths from student organizations and other groups, and dollar-per-slice pizza.
Anna Baier and her husband, a student in the College at Southwestern, brought their three children to the Spring Kickoff and said they were happy for the chance to reconnect with friends after the winter break and to visit with fellow students and families.
“[It’s great] just to go out and meet other people and see who’s going again,” Baier said.
The Baiers, who left their home country of Germany to study at Southwestern, said that being far from family, they really appreciate and look forward to chances to get out with their kids and to hang out with other people.
“We like company any night,” Baier said. “We are here alone, so we can’t go out often because there is no one to watch our kids. [But this way], we can go out as a family.”
Anthony Moore, director of student life and the RAC, said the night went well and will help to get the semester off to a good start.
“Our main objective is to get the seminary community together,” Moore said. “We are firm believers that we learn more together when we’re in community and fellowship.”
Moore added that he was glad people new to the seminary were coming and joining in.
“New families are showing up and are finding out about resources,” he said. “It just doesn’t get any better than that.”

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