Student changes perspective on evangelism

FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – Matt Speight considered door-to-door evangelism an outdated method. However, that was before he visited houses around Southwestern Seminary with his evangelism professor. Speight changed his opinion when they met Manuel, a man who accepted Christ when they took the time to share their faith in Manuel’s neighborhood.
Initially all the houses Speight and professor Matt Queen visited were empty, so when they passed by a group of men talking in one of the neighborhood’s front yards, they parked the truck and walked up to them. Manuel was part of this group.
Evangelism “is about your willingness to go and talk to people and not just about what method,” Speight explains. “It doesn’t necessarily have to be a four-step plan but casual conversation like I would have with anybody.”
After they returned to campus, Speight wrote Queen an email sharing how the experience affected him. “You could tell that God was working on [Manuel’s] heart and that today he was going to make a decision,” he wrote. “Getting to share with him Romans 10 and the power of confession was a joy for me as a believer. It was amazing to see God convict a young man who was living in sin and make a new creation of him.”
Speight currently works on campus as the student center sales manager, and he believes the intentional sharing of his faith helps keep him plugged into the world around him.
“Being here at seminary, working here and then living in student housing, if we don’t have the heart, and if we’re not active about going and sharing, we’ll look up and it will be three years until we share the Gospel with anybody,” says Speight.
Speight earned his B.A. in Humanities from the College at Southwestern last May. His wife, Suzanne, began her B.A. in Humanities in the college this fall.

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