Student writes on reading the Bible in a digital age

FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – The Princeton Theological Review recently published an article by Ched Spellman, a doctoral student at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.
In his article, titled “The Canon after Google: Implications of a Digitized and Destabilized Codex,” Spellman suggests that digital media and online search engines create problems for the way Christians now read the biblical canon.
“For an increasing number of people, the Bible as a stable document is being replaced by the Bible as a searchable database,” Spellman writes. In turn, this reality threatens the unity of the 66 books of Scripture.
“One of the ways the church can maintain the integrity of biblical unity,” Spellman adds, “is by encouraging and equipping believers to develop an intentional canon consciousness .... Armed with a conceptual framework, a reader will be able to understand scattered parts of the biblical story in light of the bigger picture, regardless of the chosen medium.”
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