Widows see answer to prayer at Widows’ Might Conference

FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – The principle mission of the Widows’ Might ministry is prayer, and at the group’s Sept. 8 conference, nearly 70 widows had the chance to hear directly from someone who had been the focus of their prayers for months.
Maurice Ahern, baker and special events chef at Southwestern, received to years ago that his son Micah had cancer. The more than 200 members of Widows’ Might began praying for Micah right away, receiving monthly updates on his condition.
In a recent update, the women rejoiced at news that doctors said Micah is now cancer free.
“People called and said they cried when they saw that,” Women’s Auxiliary Coordinator Karen Collett said.
During the Widows’ Might Conference, Ahern, who prepared the Mediterranean-style fare at the Dead Sea-themed luncheon, spoke to the group and thanked them for their fervent and effective prayers.
Collett said that when Ahern came out to thank the women, they realized right away that the chef was Micah’s father. The eyes of nearly every woman in the room immediately grew large and lit up, she said.
“I mean, they’ve been praying for Micah for months,” Collett said. “They had never met him, and he had never met them, so we were able to make it come alive. [Maurice] was able to share what is happening in Micah’s life now and thanked them for their prayers and [asked them] to continue praying. That was just a real special, special moment. I think it was one of the highlights of the day.”
In addition to the exciting answer to prayer, the women also heard from Bruce McCoy, director of the Dead Sea Scrolls & the Bible Exhibition, who spoke and sang at the day-long event after first lady Dorothy Patterson welcomed everyone.
After lunch, the women took a tour through the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit in the MacGorman Chapel and Performing Arts Center. Collett said she heard nothing but rave reviews of the exhibit from the women, who spent time carefully examining each segment of the exhibit.
“They probably read more than any other group we’ve taken through,” Collett said. “They would stop and look at every fragment. They wanted the knowledge, and they took it home with them.”
Collett said Widows’ Might welcomed many new members during the event and wishes to extend its invitation to other widows who would like to participate in the ministry. Those interested can contact Collett at (817) 923-1921 ext. 7200 or at kcollett@swbts.edu.

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