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Chapel: Fall 2014

Chapel services at Southwestern Seminary are a vital part of campus life. It is our desire to promote the spiritual growth and health of our students, staff, and faculty and everyone who would like to be a part of our chapel services.

Expository Preaching Workshop 2014: Preaching 1 John

You can deliver a clear, effective, expository sermon without putting your congregation to sleep. The Expository Preaching Workshop - Preaching 1 John will aid you in clearly communicating the message of Scripture to your congregation while keeping them engaged at every turn.

Walking Toward Danger: 2014 Spring Chapel Series

Walking Toward Danger: Why a person should use caution when entering into ministry. Spring 2014 Chapel Series by Paige Patterson.

Southwestern News: A Publication of Southwestern Seminary

Southwestern News is published four times a year by the Office of Communications at Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas


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