Specialty Meals

Specialty Meals

Fresh Baked Pizza Pie (16") with Salad
One-Topping Pizza and Salad for four
(disposables not included)

Fresh Baked Pizza Pie (16")
One-Topping Pizza
(disposables not included)

Additional Toppings $0.50 each per pie
Italian Sausage
Crispy Bacon
Green and Red Bell Peppers

Other seasonal options may be available upon request

Children's Meal
Served with a Fresh Garden Salad, Ranch and
Italian Dressing, and Fresh Rolls from the bakery. 

Includes Preset Iced Water and Iced Tea. 

Three Breaded Chicken Strips, 
served with Homemade Macaroni and Cheese, 
and a Cookie

(The Children's Meal may be pre-ordered alongside
a buffet-style meal, but will be served individually
and without the salad or dressing)


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