Breakout Sessions

Pre-Conference Sessions

Friday, October 25, 2013
2:30 to 4:00 pm
Riley Center 

Touching Lives through Taking Tea with Laura Leathers

Enjoy a cream tea while collecting ideas for how to use your tea cups to minister to others.  A variety of tea themes supplemented by practical preparation hints and infused with scripture will stimulate you to leave this seminar excited about practicing biblical hospitality. 

Rejuvenating Your Home for the Future with Lisa O’Harra

This will be a fun interactive time of discussing ways to rejuvenate your home with new updates. We will discuss new paint products to RE-purpose old items in your home and bring them up to date. There will be a short demonstration with some simple ideas to update your home, even on a budget, by changing a few details . I will show some new trends in fabrics, window treatments, trim and accessories and other interior products. Bring any questions you have for your home, I will answer as many as time allows.

Conference Breakout Sessions

Raising Teens on God’s Terms – Joy Cullen

In preparation for writing the chapter in The Christian Homemaker’s Handbook about raising teens on God’s terms, I asked our four adult children (two of them parents of teenagers & young adults); “As far as our parenting was concerned, what was most important to you during your teen years?”   I should have expected them to not only share the positive aspects but also the negative! Their answers were a revelation to me and make up the major part of this chapter.  I cannot ask this question of your teenagers, but I did propose it to more than 100 teens and young adults who were willing to share their experiences. In this session, you will receive a compilation of their answers. We will emphasize God’s requirements for parenting, the concept of a spiritual legacy, and how we can maintain positive communication with our children & grandchildren during their teen years. (Session 1 and Repeated Session 3)

Horner Homemaking House Tours – Pat Ennis

The Horner Homemaking House Tour allows Conference attendees to view the management strategies communicated in The Christian Homemakers Handbook in a real life setting.  Learn tips and techniques that will allow your home to be a “prepared place” for all who enter it. Tours will depart from the south end of the conference center every 15 minutes. (Available all 3 sessions.)

For Teens Only: Are Girls Really that Different from Guys? – Candi Finch

Is there really anything that makes girls distinct from guys, other than the obvious biological differences? In this session, we will dig into what God’s Word says about His unique plan for women and discuss real-world ways how a right understanding of this plan will impact teenage girls on a daily basis. (Session 1 ONLY)

The Impact of Feminism on the Home and Family - Candi Finch

The movement of feminism has profoundly impacted American society for good and bad, and its message has influenced the thinking of many Christian women. During this session, we will compare and contrast the worldview of feminism to what the Bible says about the home and family in order to see if our thinking is more in line with Christ or the culture when it comes down some of the day-to-day, practical realities of our life. (Session 2 ONLY)

How to Bring JOY to Your Husband without Losing Yours – Carmen Howell

Using the acrostic of STRENGTH we will outline the keys to a successful marriage. We will begin with our relationship to God and discover His design and purpose in creating us for our husbands. Upon that foundation, we will then get practical and discover what we must “put on” every day in order to bring laughter, joy, peace, and love to a relationship and home that is continually marred by sin. (Session 1 and Repeated Session 3)

Nurturing Preschoolers – Ann Iorg

The first five years of life is a crucial time for children to learn how to live well.  Anyone who has preschoolers or works with them can learn truth from the Bible to nurture these little ones to develop good habits, social skills, and a biblical worldview that will benefit them for a lifetime. (Session 1 and Repeated Session 3)

How to Live in a Pressure Cooker without Exploding – Rhonda Kelley

Life often feels like a pressure cooker, but you do not have to explode! This session will discuss the realities of a busy life and suggest biblical principles for surviving the chaos while thriving in ministry. (Session 2 and Repeated Session 3)

The Passover Experience:  Creating a New Easter Tradition – Melanie Leach

"The Passover Experience" immerses you and your family, friends and/or neighbors into the Easter Story through a special dinner during Holy Week.  You will learn how Passover tells not only Israel's story but also YOUR stories.  This Session teaches you the basics of this ancient celebration and how to conduct one at your own table! (Session 2 and Repeated Session 3)

Holiday Celebrations – Mary Mohler

Let the celebration begin!  Holidays, big and small, are a great opportunity to practice hospitality both with your own family and with those whom the Lord will bring to your table.  Food is not the central focus here but making memories while you strive to provide a warm and welcoming environment is.  Join us for this session as we talk about using our gifts and abilities to bless others-- and have fun in the process! (Session 1 and Repeated Session 2)

Interiors that Reflect Your Life Message – Lisa O’Harra

This interactive seminar will discuss current decorating trends and ways to create tablescapes for the holiday or year round use. If you have a difficult room in your home, you can get your questions answered and tips for decorating your home in a way that reflects your life. (Session 1 and Repeated Session 2)

Training Up a Child – Betsy Owens

Teaching and training my children to become young adults who live self-disciplined lives of obedience to God requires that I live a life of obedient self-discipline before them. While I am helping them learn what it means to live a godly life, God is using them in my life to sanctify me. (Session 1 and Repeated Session 3)

Put Your Mask on First: Caring for the Caregiver – Terri Stovall

Many women today are caring for an aging loved one such as a parent or a spouse. Too often, those of us who are care for others forget about caring for ourselves. In this session we will learn strategies and principles to help those who are giving themselves for others, to remain strong for the task before them. (Session 1 and Repeated Session 2)

Family Mealtime – Liz Traylor

Do you want to rear smarter children? Have well-adjusted teenagers? Establish good eating habits and fight obesity? Family mealtime can accomplish all this and so much more. And since dining together was important to Jesus Christ, time spent around our dinner table should be a priority. Come learn how to establish and maintain family mealtime in your own home. (Session 2 and Repeated Session 3)

Working from Home: Developing Cottage Industries – Glynnis Whitwer

Whether you need to replace your full-time income or just need spending money, working at home is an increasingly appealing and accessible option.  Glynnis Whitwer has been working from home for 15 years, both for herself and an outside company.  In this workshop, she'll discuss the options for working from home, how to determine which is right for you, and present tips for being successful. Using the Proverbs 31 Woman as our model, you'll see that working from home is biblical and wise for today's productive homemaker. (Session 2 and Repeated Session 3)

The Ministry of Prayer in the Home – Karen Yarnell

In this session you will learn how to develop a ministry of prayer through praying scripture for members of your family. You will come away from the session with scripture study tools that will enrich and deepen your understanding of scripture as well as some practical ideas for maintaining a consistent and intentional prayer time. (Session 1 and Repeated Session 2)

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